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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manusia hanya merancang .....

Have you heard this before?

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

So for Raya this year, I've got it all planned out, I tell ya.

1. Holiday planner - updated CEO's secretary (early this year!) on how many days of leave I plan to take, before & after raya
2. Block a tentative date in personal calendar for post raya BBQ gathering with uni mates
3. Block a tentative date in personal calendar - possibly for makan-makan session for my team & other colleagues from office
4. Purchased air ticket on line for my work/conference trip immediately post raya
5. Purchased air ticket on line for Ayah to join me a week later post work/conference - to merayap-rayap somewhere
6. Influenced ayah (successfully) to purchase on line the 'train' ticket & hotel for the merayap-rayap trip
7. Dusted off my luggage & have it on standby - ready for packing
8. 'Tempah' new cushion covers for the AV room & collected them just a week before puasa
9. Bought baju raya (both baju 'Melayu' & baju 'berbilang bangsa', hehe) for the kids & Ayah
10. Bought my own baju raya too .... phewittt!! Jangan tak beli....
11. Bought baju raya for Bibi too..... triple phewittt!!! Bling-bling you.... suka dia!
12. Bought the 10 pcs of 'pelita Raya' (the bamboo ones) & went to get a bottle of kerosene from Mak Long's house (her stock from last year! can't find any shops in Rawang town that sell kerosene any more)
13. Ordered some kuih raya - the usual ones; London Almond, Suji, Pineapple Tart, some kerepek & rempeyek, etc, etc
14. Bought some flat basket trays for ketupat & ketam Raya for breaking the ice with our new neighbours ( we just moved here a couple of months back remember? )
15. Last weekend bought daun kelapa for ketupat, ayam, daging, kerisik segala
16. Also ordered our big size ketam (jantan only!) - 40 pcs please, to be de-shelled and washed before collection
17. Bought a dozen of new clear goblets & placemats for pagi raya breakfast (table setting a high priority for me somehow)
18. And..... you'd better believe what come next : Blue key baking flour, custard flour, vanilla essence, butter, chocolate rice, castor sugar, the cute colourful cups, weighing scale, the measuring cups, the baking trays ..... my spirit to bake my own biskut sarang semut soaring sky high this Ramadhan.....muahahaha!!! Siap googled up & printed out the recipe for it!
19. Change 'duit raya' for the green packets - Ayah's department ni.
20. Transfer some money to Nenek & Atok for their raya preps

And I can happily tick off all the above from my checklist.

The only ones remaining for final execution on my checklist :

21. Buy one or two new pair of pants & comfortable moccasin for the trip
22. Pack for balik kampung & for the trip
23. Bake the sarang semut cookies
24. Pasang pelita
25. Anyam sarung ketupat
26. Prepare the dishes on Raya eve - earlier please; not malam-malam buta hingga ke dinihari like last year (nanti pagi2 raya pegi rumah in laws with eye bag segala? hmpphh... tak ayu la kan?)
27. Pagi raya, deliver the ketupat & ketam to our new neighbours (I'm visioning my boys tagging along, complete with their baju Melayu, songkok & sampin carrying the baskets, going ding-dong-bell to our multi racial neighbours' front doors ...ohhhh......comelnya....)
28. Wait for Ayah to come home from Solat and we'll all have our extended breakfast
29. Then salam2 & photo session
30. Pack the dishes, luggages, not forgetting leaving lots of food & water for Blackie & the kittens

Then we can all skip along to Damansara (Ayah's family) and by petang, off to JB (Ibu's family). Yeayyy!!

So that is the grand plan.

20 out of 30 completed, that's 66.66%. Not bad isn't it? Just another one third to go.

YET, guess what? Where do you think I am at this very minute?

Hmmm...... at Damansara Specialist Hospital, tending to Abang Idin who has been warded since Sunday night, for prolonged high fever and bacterial infection. He's been on the drip eversince.

As at noon today, i.e. a day before Raya, he still cannot be discharged just yet. That means, Ibu also cannot discharge the remaining duties as planned above. Pelita ke mana, biskut sarang semut ke mana....

So you see...... I've got plans for the immediate future - for Raya this year that is.

And yet the naked truth about the future is that it still comes one day at a time.

Itulah yang kita namakan,

"Manusia hanya merancang, Allah jua yang menentukan"

The remaining of the plans are shelved for the time being and let's just hope & pray Abang Idin will be back bouncing on his feet again soon.

Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin.

p/s Messages from Abang Idin :
Thank you Auntie Shana & the clan for the visit. And the doughnuts of course!
Thank you Auntie Onair, Auntie Abid & Auntie Joe for the well wishes.
Ameer & Hafiz .... Sorry Abang Idin has to keep Ibu away from you two for a while, lil' bros.
And Ayah..... errr... dah jumpa bunga api ke belum?


Pp said...

Ibu...I pray, hope and hope somemore that Abg Idin will recover and strong enough to celebrate Raya out of hospital.

Nak tanya juga when baca ur list tu...why ketam tu nak yg jantan jer?? ada petua apa2 ka? serious question tu ...hehehe

Kami dah rya hari nie....alhamdullilah! Ni boleh type nie...kawan2 visiting baru pulang dari rumah saya. Phewww depa enjoy2 jugak makan ketupat dan pulut kuning dengan rendang...hehehe


Madam Tai Tai said...

Poor Abang Iddin. Hope he gets well soon so that Ibu can finish ticking off all the items in her pre-planned checklist.

Btw, whenever you plan ahead for something you must always think of a back-up plan. Guess the hospital stay isn't one of them, huh? :)

tireless mom said...

Dear Ibu

Laaaa, kok jadi gini? Minta minta tak raya in DSH. Hope Abang Idin recover very soon. Kesian you all. Like the iklan Petronas this year, Ibu tak apa-apa kan?... Ibu OK. Take it easy dear.

mad redo1 said...

It is time like this that we are reminded that we are at HIS mercy all the time, another reason to be grateful always.

Despite this hiccup, mad redo1 hopes it is still an Aidil-Fitri to remember...

hazyr said...

Alahai...Kesian Abang Idin.

Tell him to ask for more duit raya from you and all visitors yek ;)

Selamat Hari Raya Sis.. Sorry for any wrongdoings.

Waterlily said...


Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you and family, wherever you are whether in KL, JB or hospital. I wish your beloved son speedy recovery. Hati seorang ibu, walau panjang dari langit ke bumi pun list of plan, if it concerns the children, sanggup campak ke tepi...well, that's who we are Ibu...

Take care dear.

wanshana said...


It's second day raya today. I hope all of you are already in JB - tak kisahlah if the 33.333333% of the checklist is not ticked yet. Janji Idin okay and you all dapat beraya with your Bapak and Mak.

Do sampaikan our salam to your family.

Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

P/s : That patung-patung raya at Dsara Specialist tu are scary, I tell you...Can get mimpi ngeri if you were to stare at them long enough...(that was what Hanna said to me, and I have to agree with her)

Spena said...

Selamat Hari Raya sist. I hope Abg Idin up and running now....

Kmar said...


So sorry about Abg Idin... eem ..kalau sakit masa dah dekat Raya ni memang dugaan. Worse, kalau terpaksa admit ke hospital. Anyway, yang paling penting he will recover soon.

Tak apa le, sekali sekala Raya kat hospital should be OK jugak kan? Jangan selalu dah le.

Kak Teh said...

kesiannya, I hope he gets well soon. and kesian you juga, takkan nak tinggalkan dia, kan? anyway, how true, kita rancang and tuhan yang menentukan - whatever it is - will be here.

arsaili said...

salam akak..sorry to hear abt ur son..moga dia cepat sembuh..selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin buat akak sekeluarga

zaitgha said...


i hope by this time abang idin is as good as new....

Selamat Hari Raya

MrsNordin said...

I hope Abg Idin is ok now and you are now happily London-trotting!

wanshana said...

Keng salam kat Prince William... ;)

KC said...

alahai siannyer. sikit punye baek hang punye plan tapi sume tarak jalan. anyways, here's hoping yr son is okay (dah ok kut sekarang?)...

lesson learnt here - jgn plan bagus-bagus nanti mesti tak jadik punye *LOL*

Yan said...

sorry to hear about ur boy..:( hope all's good now..btw, ketam raya??? drools! u wanna be my neighbour or not??? :p

U.Lee said...

Hello Ibu, just dropped by say hello.
Can see you good organizer, planner. Can be captain in army, ha ha. Lee.

MoTLeY said...

salam ...

awww ... what a shame ... hoping abang idin has recovered and on the mend!

selamat hari raya from us (belated!)

maaf zahir batin ...

take care :)

wassalam ...

ps: yes ... 'kita hanya merancang ...'

en_me said...

en_me minta maaf dari kejauhan pada semua yang mengenali me selama ini .. maaf la segala kekurangan2 en_me yg ini k

wanshana said...

I got info dari sumber yang boleh dipercayai (Ehemmm!!!) - you gi shopping kat Bicester, ya? Errr... lepas tu tak gi York? Ashford? Dan kawasan-kawasan Designer Outlets yang sewaktu dengannya?

Hehehe... Selamat shopping dan shopping lagi...(SHIPPING jugak?)

bell said...

know wat? readin ur blog makes me missing for my mak. im here at peng and shes at home in perak, teluk intan to be exact. im not 2 years old girl but respectively 20 by dicember ths year and i still cries everytime i think abt her. i hv no idea of wat iv been merepek here but just wanna tell ya ur a good ibu.

Eta My said...

Aduhai sesungguhnya ketenggalan ketapi...dah raya ke 22...Abg Iddinnya sudah ok barangkali....Selamat Hari Raya untuk semua anakandamu dan sefamili...

p/s:..Jalan-jalan ke?