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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Between Dreams & Reality

Salam Ramadhan ....

Lama sungguh tak berblog - memang betul lah like Simah commented - bersawang! What a wonderful hang out place this would be for spiderman!!!!

I really should be writing about Hafiz's attempt at fasting separuh hari this Ramadhan - but for someone whose writing is not a natural flair - that entry would probably take another six weeks to complete - by then dah Raya dah pun. Hampeh!

But hey! Guess what? I found a draft that I forgot to publish ( age is catching up.... ). So this shall be a quickie - cut & paste only. This entry below was written circa when?100 BC? Sure felt like it! But lah, first week of August, when I was happily authorised to be off work for about 2 weeks. So remember - this should be read in past tense. But the challenge at the end of the entry has no expiry date. So give it a go, will ya?


I've been off work since Monday this week... oh what a bliss! Though this is not by personal choice that I have to take the week off, the doctor's endorsement that I am not fit to work is somehow working just fine for me. For a change this time I did not itch to log on to office server to check those emails and have not even bothered to check the blackberry either. Those can wait. There are others who deputize me so let them shine and grow.


I don't multitask between work and blogging during working hours for obvious reason - I AM THE LAW at the office, HAHAH ... so must show exemplary conduct la kan? And actually, memang tak sempat pun. Needless to say with one week off, here I am surfing the net, reading online news, catching up on all those outdated emails from my alumni group and blog hopping from one to another. I even switched my yahoo messenger status to "online" today. And voila! ping Aby, a girlfriend from prep days.

It must have been years since I last saw Aby, I think it was during open house at my place 5 years ago at least? Pheww... how time flies! So pot pet pot pet la online sekejap with Aby but since she was at work and I belom mandi pagi ( walhal matahari dah tegak atas kapla), I had to excuse myself la. Nanti mengaco productivity member at workplace, no good la ek? We bid farewell with all the muahhhhsss and exchange of each others' blog address. I have been reading all her entries since then. I mean, since I siap mandi tengahari tadi.

The one Aby wrote about dreams got me thinking to write this entry. Hey.... after all, I've got all the time to laze in front of the screen this week, don't I ?

I don't always recall what I dreamt about. Mostly about me couldn't find where I parked my car or me looking feverishly for a toilet at the mall. I can never fathom what the first one means. The second one quite obviously, would be followed by me dashing to the loo upon waking up.

This morning though, I woke up with a weird dream stuck vividly in my blurry morning vision. I dreamt that I discovered - after a slip of the tounge by my sister - that the 'cute 7 year old god daughter' (there is none in reality) of our family back in JB - was actually a daughter of my darling Ayah - but with another woman!?!#$%*@?!


So to those who have (or don't have) a hidden talent in dreams intepretation and want to have a try at unravelling my subconscious thoughts that have translated into this weird dream, hey.... be my guest! This is an open ended, no right or wrong answer and a non judgmental opportunity for you to sharpen your dreams intepreting skills - ala-ala amateur psychoanalyst made in Msia gitu .... Sila lah!

p/s Don't slouch laa....