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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lapuran Hari Ibu 2015

Belated mother's day(s) posting.

Alisya: Happy mother's day, Ibu!
Ibu: Ohh thank you darling... I love you..
Alisya: I love you too .. So much!
Ibu:  Really? How much?
Alisya: A lotch.
Ibu: Sayang sampai mana?
Alisya: Sampai mana apa?
Ibu: Hmmm.... Alisya sayang a lotch tu sayang sampai mana?
(Dengan harapan kot kot lah dia dah pandai nak jawab 'to the moon and back!' or 'sampai akhirat' )

She thought hard, very hard sampai kening berkerut kerut .... and then responded :

Alisya: Mmmm..... Alisya sayang Ibu sampai Rawang!

Hah?!!! Sampai Rawang jer?! Ahak ahak ahak 😂😂😂

Ketawa terbahak bahak semua orang....

Sekian lapuran Hari Ibu tahun 2015.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

reading under adult supervision - of a different kind

It was already nearing midnight ...

And what did this ibu has got to do?

Practice writing, and then reading ...  aloud!
"Ram bela lembu"
"Ram tanam bayam"
"Lembu makan bayam"
... dan sebagainya ...

Dari tadi tak nak buat homework. 1001 excuses.
* tangan gatal
* pensil hilang
* hidung gatal
* ruler patah
* kepala gatal
* abang kacau
* kaki pulak gatal

Aduhai ....  Apa lagi daaaa......

Orang semua dah nak 'tidol', baru dia terhegeh-hegeh nak buat homework.  Lepas tu paksa semua orang jangan 'tidol' tunggu dia siap buat homework. Sebab dia tak nak buku dia kena stamped 'INCLOMPETE' ( she meant to say 'incomplete' hehehhh )

Where got road mannnn ....

p/s So as you can see now ... my ramblings are not to impress others. Hardly ever! Just some notes of reference for my kids to reflect upon in the future.

p/s Namanya pun 'cerita ibu' ... ni ler dia ceritanya. Nothing fancy. But truly the trials and tribulations that an ibu of four 'well spaced out' children (1 in ALevels, 1 in secondary, 1 in primary and 1 in kindy - beat that! ) goes through day in and day out.  But hey... true happiness is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to deal with it. So bring it on.... And I seek guidance from the Almighty to grant me the patience and wisdom to deal with each of those pangs and tribulations in raising these children.