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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's in the air? (Part 2)

14th February is here again :)
And I've got it all well planned & executed this year I tell ya!!

9.00 am: review day calendar, read/reply/delete/archive emails
9.30 am: 121 with Regional Director - talent assessment prep
11. 00 am: Team meeting - referral scheme do's & don'ts
12.00 am: Phone call to Hafiz & Hafiz teacher
12.30 noon: Lunch with Regional Director; benchmark small talk
2.00 pm: 121 with CB's PA - sign off TA's schedule/governance meetings
3.00 pm: 121 with Regional Director - ethical trading standards & audit scoping
4.00 pm: 221 with HR Mgrs - new office layout seating discussion
5.00 pm: 15 mins catch up with Regional Director on assessment feedback
(he left for Spore shortly after)
5.30 pm: Resume 221 wth HR Mgrs - new office layout sign off
6.00 pm: 121 wth RH - prep for agencies' ethical trading standards briefing
8.00 pm: 121 wth AZMM - review submission for UK Team Talk updates
9.00 pm: read/reply/delete/archive emails
10.00 pm: time to call it a day laaaaa....
10.30 pm: reach home - multitasking time part 1
- grab dinner & watch TV in the kitchen
- review Ameer's & Hafiz homework
- reading session, title for the night "Where Are Your Ears"
- nite-nite boys!
11.30 pm : pack Hafiz's books for Friday's timetable
Midnight : multitasking time part 2
- check Yahoo email (awaiting reply from long lost Kak Mekna - di mana dikau?)
- read Star online
- blogroll to the critical few

But ohhhh..... my nose got worse!

Actifast, actifast - where art thou?
Can't afford to get sick
Friday's briefing on ethical trading, mind you....

Gotta hit the sack ..... eyes half closed already.

Uh? Am I forgetting something? Or some things?

Like what?

Like...... what about the Chocolate? Musical cards? Roses? Teddy Bear? Candle lit dinner?

Hmmmm..... yesss.... What about them?

Ohhhhhhh! Oohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hmmmm.... Oh well! Guess they'll be just fine without me.

Like all previous years.... and the years to come. They'll be just fine without me.

No worries & no regrets at all in that department.

I caught myself humming to the tune of

L@V3 is in the air
Everyday I look around
Ooooo.... oohhhh
L@V3 is in the air

Only to be brought back to reality with this chorus:

Ahhh... Ahhhh.... Ahhhhhh Chhhhooooo!

Ish...ishh...ishhh..... That's what's in the air for me.


p/s How was your 14th Feb? Well planned & executed too?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's in the air?


Urgh... tissue please .....

* *

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy New Year .... Happy Chinese New Year !

Ha Shana... wa sula baca lu punya komen arrr..... just in time.

Sapa kata bukan tahun balu?

Aiyaaaa..... Bila wa pegi keleja ha... wa nampak manyak nimau tau! Bukan kotak2 punya. Tempat wa keleja haa... diolang hantar nimau dalam loli woooo... Bila wa nampak nimau satu loli... hah...wa sula tau, ini hali laya mesti sula mau mali.

Waaa... manyak syiok arrr... apa pasat manyak syiok? Sebab boleh cuti 4 hali!!

Wa manyak suka hati. Bila cuti 4 hali, balu wa boleh latang sini tempat, bagi hilang semua habuk2. Itu Simah sula bising ini tempat maaaaaanyak habuk wooo! Aiya...soli, soli. Soli laaa... wa maaaaaanyak busy wooo!

Wa ingat aaarrr... wa mau hantar itu kad hali laya untuk kawan2 china tau! Tapi balu minggu lepas wa pelasan arrr..... itu kad semua belum pos lagi. Aiyaaaa... busy punya pasat la.

Habis, sikalang mau bikin macam mana?

Aiya.... nasib baik aler ini blog. So har... kita bagi ucapan plospelity on line lah hah? Okay what?

Wa kasi lipit ( read: repeat ..ahaks!!) pantun laya tahun lepas pasal wa maaaaanyak syiok itu pantun. Tapi kasi modify sikit la ha? Enjoy haaa..... Kasi tepuk tangan lulu sebelum baca pantun okay?


Ha.... syiok arr ini pantun? Kalau syiok, bagi tepuk tangan lagi la... hahaha....

To all my fellow chinese bloggers : U.Lee, Daphne ... aiya! Dua olang saja ka? Mana cukup wooo!
To all my chinese friends & colleagues ( I doubt they read this blog ...)
To all my chinese neighbours ( mana lu olang beli itu bunga api ha? Manyak cantik wooo!)
To all my chinese ancestors and ancestor-in-laws
To Ah-so kat pasar lawang yg selalu simpan/deliver ketam utk hali laya ibu (tenkiu arr.. Ah-so punya customer service no:1 in the world!)
To Patrick, contractor yg bikin lumah (aiya... bila lumah wa mau siap?)
To all other friends (olang lain punya hali laya, lu orang pun lapat cuti 4 hali kan? Enjoy haa...)
And to all silent visitors out there, if any ...