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Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's in the air? (Part 2)

14th February is here again :)
And I've got it all well planned & executed this year I tell ya!!

9.00 am: review day calendar, read/reply/delete/archive emails
9.30 am: 121 with Regional Director - talent assessment prep
11. 00 am: Team meeting - referral scheme do's & don'ts
12.00 am: Phone call to Hafiz & Hafiz teacher
12.30 noon: Lunch with Regional Director; benchmark small talk
2.00 pm: 121 with CB's PA - sign off TA's schedule/governance meetings
3.00 pm: 121 with Regional Director - ethical trading standards & audit scoping
4.00 pm: 221 with HR Mgrs - new office layout seating discussion
5.00 pm: 15 mins catch up with Regional Director on assessment feedback
(he left for Spore shortly after)
5.30 pm: Resume 221 wth HR Mgrs - new office layout sign off
6.00 pm: 121 wth RH - prep for agencies' ethical trading standards briefing
8.00 pm: 121 wth AZMM - review submission for UK Team Talk updates
9.00 pm: read/reply/delete/archive emails
10.00 pm: time to call it a day laaaaa....
10.30 pm: reach home - multitasking time part 1
- grab dinner & watch TV in the kitchen
- review Ameer's & Hafiz homework
- reading session, title for the night "Where Are Your Ears"
- nite-nite boys!
11.30 pm : pack Hafiz's books for Friday's timetable
Midnight : multitasking time part 2
- check Yahoo email (awaiting reply from long lost Kak Mekna - di mana dikau?)
- read Star online
- blogroll to the critical few

But ohhhh..... my nose got worse!

Actifast, actifast - where art thou?
Can't afford to get sick
Friday's briefing on ethical trading, mind you....

Gotta hit the sack ..... eyes half closed already.

Uh? Am I forgetting something? Or some things?

Like what?

Like...... what about the Chocolate? Musical cards? Roses? Teddy Bear? Candle lit dinner?

Hmmmm..... yesss.... What about them?

Ohhhhhhh! Oohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hmmmm.... Oh well! Guess they'll be just fine without me.

Like all previous years.... and the years to come. They'll be just fine without me.

No worries & no regrets at all in that department.

I caught myself humming to the tune of

L@V3 is in the air
Everyday I look around
Ooooo.... oohhhh
L@V3 is in the air

Only to be brought back to reality with this chorus:

Ahhh... Ahhhh.... Ahhhhhh Chhhhooooo!

Ish...ishh...ishhh..... That's what's in the air for me.


p/s How was your 14th Feb? Well planned & executed too?


Kmar said...


Should try tea+honey+lemon. A few mugs a day. It works fine with me especially in this winter weather!!!

Bless You... !!!

Delicate Flower said...

Hi Ibu,
OMG - is this a typical day? How many hours do you work a week? How do you do it? I baca pun nak pengsan...:-)

p.s came here from mrs nordin's blog.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Ibu,

Looks more like you're planning war than a Valentine's! Hehe...

Hope it was a good one, and Happy Belated Valentine's Day Ibu...=)

Akmal said...

Sorry to hear that you are not well. Hope you are getting better already.
Just in case you still have that something in the air, should try honey.
Keep well ya:)

IBU said...

Dear Kmar,

Hey... good to have u here, mate! Thanks!!

Yeah.....tea+honey+lemon should be good indeed.

Err... teh tarik can arrr?

IBU said...

Darling daphne,

More like a defense plan. Correct, correct, correct.... :D

IBU said...

Dear Akmal,

Thanks for the well wish. Yes, I should take some honey. To drink la kan? Bukan the honey scented hand & body lotion & body scrub! hahaha...


Anonymous said...

COMMENT FROM WANSHANA (moderated..hehe...sorry Shana! tweaked a bit only...rgds, Ibu)

Please allow me to answer Delicate Flower's quesioon, can arrrrr?

Dear Delicate Flower,

Yes - THAT is more or less Ibu's typical day on a weekday.

BUT, believe or not, sometimes she even reaches home at 5.00 am!

BECAUSE.... because... because...
sometimes has Red Box sessions sampai pukul 4.00 pagi!!! Hahaha!

(Welll... all work and no play makes ibu a hi strung 'working mom' maaaa...!)

Get Well Soon, Ibu!


wanshana said...


Hehehehe... No probs ;-)

Anonymous said...


thanks for the respond. What is a red box session? I am not high on the totem pole at work (and not willing to put in the hours:-)) . I guess it comes with the territory. I like to be home by 5 or sooner (PM, that is) and get dinner ready. I won't be able to do that if I want to climb the me underachiever if you will (and I am OK with that).

Anyway, in the US, the corporate theme these days are work-life balance. Which in ibu's case is already achieved - 12 hours at work and 12 hours at home...:-)

delicate flower

Mr Engineer said...

14 Feb? When was that?....uhuk.., I was in Jeddah and I am still in Jeddah! sob..sob...sob

ADIEJIN said...

OI!!!! bersin slow sikit ah..berjangkit kat kami karang..ish..get well soon k.

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hi Ibu,

Returning the gesture after you have kindly dropped by at my blog earlier. Reading your interesting and funny postings has put mine to shame la.

I will definitely visit your 'abode' again in the future. Take care!

mrsnordin said...


Hang keja macam tu ka hari-hari? I think you'll be made a CEO very soon! Such energy and stamina you have, girl!

But this is a nice posting. Very clever way of writing it down! I hope your flu has cleared. Take Clarinase next time, and take care.

Eta My said...

Dear Ieja,

Ni kita lalu lalang..nak tinggalkan jejak la ni..amboi...uu lla lla..penuhnya schedule...(still have the energy to care about others Vday..)happy blatd Vday too..nevermind the roses, cakes, dinner..or what so ever...the still there..just like Shana's first time..hingga akhir nanti.., insya'Allah..Salam - Eta -

U.Lee said...

Hello Ibu, before I change gears, your HILARIOUS comment in my pondok re the "Red Panty", made a lot of my visitors burst out laughing!
You are hilarious, Ibu! My kind of woman. I like you, Ibu. Love people with a great sense of humour.
Thank you for making my day.
HOLY SMOKE! You more busy that I think G. Bush! How you manage that?
And Feb 14th too? Should be named 'headache day' instead. But you sure one special lady, Ibu.
I admire you.
But take it easy, huh? You have a nice day, Lee.
ps, will look forward to your next visit.

idham said...

hai ibu...:-)

byk nye meeting ....with regional Directory lagik...
dan kenapa ek mtg dgn HR mgrs tu??
ibu ni by any chance - buat kerja HR jugak ka?


kc said...

how's the cold doing? i hope it has stopped coz i need a healthy ibu to do this tag...yeah baby! u've been tagged by moi.

btw, thats a well-packed itinerary for the day...phewww!

Nuke said...

Ibu ... i really love your blog, really inspiring..i admire you..

Im glad that i found your new entry.. and give myself a nerve to leave comment here.btw, can i link?

Kerp (Ph.D) said... tight the schedule but still no escape for the kids...hehehe...

Kmar said...

Ibu, teh tarik cap ´masjid´ ke? ..he.he.. Balik cuti kali ini, I nak borong teh laa..

If u come across teh tarik Aik Cheong, do remember me.. sebab my favourite laa... kan Shana kan, kan?? .. wink..wink...

Nadh said...

Hi Ibu,

Was blog hopping. Hehe. Moi loikkeee readinggg this..


hazyr said...


Dah baik ke belum? I think you salah ambik ubat la... I don't think it's Actifast that you need, it should be Actifed instead.

Or better.. visit your local doctor/ pharmacist for better risk assessment and solution..heheh..

The damsel of no distress. said...

OMG! I never knew to be an adult you'd have such a life. Your schedule is by far a hundred times worse than what I had in school with lessons, activities and tuition. ARGH!

Now I know why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up

Ayah said...

Ibu... we have so long forgotten to celebrate VD, Anniversary and sometimes Bday of each other.. aiyooo.. now kalau dapat duduk berdua dan cerita pasal isu orang dewasa pon dah kira satu celebration dah....

Mat Salo said...

Hmm... I see you chose to remain apolitical. ;)

On a lighter note, back to Star2/SIGS, just made an egroup in yahoo for my long lost buddies from that era. Interesting topics include comments about "ogling gals across the road". Ha-ha. Imagine dredging all that stuff that's supposed to be buried way back in the seventies...

Selamat mengundi sis! Salaam to Ayah ya?

Dalia said...

Good words.