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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Party Apa?

I'm not apolitical .... busy rather. Extremely. They say, when it rains, it pours!

Still manage to have a fair bit of small talks with my children re the general election though. Nothing serious. Just entertaining the innocent questions coming from my 3 children.

Children are very observant, who dares to disagree? My boys are no exception. All those posters and bendera put up practically everywhere .... lamp posts, traffic lights, roundabouts, empty shop lots.... could not have missed their attention. Most of the time though, they (the posters) have been the object of their "I Spy With My Little Eyes" on board kill-the-time game instead of subject of general election discussion.

Some serious questions do pop out from time to time though. And some of the answers can be quite hilarious and thought provoking at the same time. Here's one scenario.

Abang Idin : What party are you going to vote for, ibu?

Ibu: Party Tupperware.

Abang Idin: Alah Ibu.... jangan la main-main.

Ibu: Hey...Undi adalah rahsia you know?

Abang Idin : Eleh... Teacher Rameni dah share dah party apa dia nak vote.

Ibu: Really? Hmmm... and what would that be?

Abang Idin: PAS.

Ibu: REALLY??!!!

Abang Idin: Teacher said, PAS tu kan party Islam.

Ibu: So?

Abang Idin: Ye lah... Islam tu kan baik. She said she likes Islam.

Ibu: Ohhh.... PAS tu yang mana satu eh?

Abang Idin: Alah Ibu ni.... yang logo dia gambar bulan tu lah....

Ibu: Ohhh....

Ameer: Ameer tak nak bulan! Ameer tak nak bulan!

Ibu: So Ameer nak apa?

Ameer: Ameer nak ghoket!!

Ibu & Abang Idin: Whoaaaaa...... GHOKET!

Ibu: Kenapa Ameer nak ghoket?

Ameer: Sebab nak naik ghoket pergi outer-space. Nanti boleh jumpa Transformer!

That was followed by gelak sakan by yours truly, Abang Idin and Hafiz ( who was quiet since the beginning of the discussion).

Ibu: Hafiz pulak nak vote siapa?

Abang Hafiz: What is 'vote'?

Abang Idin: Aiya you.... Vote pun tak tau? What larr...

Ibu: Well..... Do you know what General Election is?

Hafiz: General Election? Ermm... no.

Ibu: Hafiz nampak tak poster-poster kat tepi jalan semua tu.

Hafiz: Oh..... yang gantung banyak banyak tu, yang ada gambar orang semua tu?

Ibu: Err.. ah ha! So that means, general election is coming. In general election, it's time for us to choose who to become our leaders.

Hafiz: Leaders?

Ibu: Errm... (cam mana nak cerita ni?) Like Prime Minister ke...Or President ke?

Ameer: Ah! Macam Optimus Pghime!!

Another ketawa sakan ensued.

Ibu: Hafiz nak jadi leader tak, like the President or Prime Minister?

Hafiz: Oh no!! No... No...

Ibu: Why not?

Hafiz: Because I don't know how to TALK.

Oooohhh.... that left me chuckling and wondering at the same time. Remember I said children can be very observant? It's either Hafiz has observed that one needs good communication skill to become a leader OR...... or what? I leave it to your imagination ;)

Assalamualaikum & good days ahead people.


wanshana said...

HAHAHAHA!!! So kelakar!!!

Anyway, I had a few soalan-soalan GE from my kids yang membuatkan ku terkedu a few times, too!

Hasya : What is Pilihanraya, Mommy?

Me : It's the time you choose the people who would form the government of Malaysia.

Hasya : I thought we already have a government?

Me : Yes, but every five years we have to choose a new government.

Hasya : Why do we have to change the government? What's wrong with it?

Me : Errrrr....If the government have not done what they were supposed to do; or if they have not fulfilled their promises to the people, etc, then the people may decide to change the government.

Hasya : So, do you want to change the government? Who are you going to vote for then?

Me : Errrr...I cannot tell you. Undi itu rahsia...


Akmal said...

Wah, Hafiz has already realize the important of knowing how to speak. With this kind of idea, I bet he can be a good debater, or maybe the PM :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


please tell Hafiz that one doesnt need to have a PR skill to be the chairman of SPR. seriously!

hazyr said...

I can already imagine gambar your kids as best debaters.. just like their ibu.

Pastu a decade++ later, boleh jejak kasih with other debaters at 3-serangkai dinner..just like their ibu too! kehkehkeh...

simah said...

election is d topic right now eh akak everywhere in mesia...

afiz ala senang aja...belajar ker ngan ibu belajar cakap ..ibu hafiz kan terrer bab bab mcm tu :0)

kids can really suprise us in many ways...otak depa geliga...

Kmar said...


I think your gene as debater memang turun kat your kids..he.he..

Pi Bani said...

Party harijadi lah, sure your kids sokong punya!

zaitgha said...

similar conversation i had with my 3 boys...just that my youngest had lost his baby talk a long time ago...cute i love the optimus pghime bit ha ha ha...

lovely posting....

and selamat mengundi

IBU said...


There's another question, "who's going to clean up all the 'flags' after this ibu?". hmmmm.....


Either that or... he has realised that most politicians TALK only... hehehe


Your statement tu...err... constitutional or not? can it be considered as denying the chairman of his right NOT to have PR skills? hehe ....


Abang Idin tu maybe buleh kot? But he doesn't seem to fancy having boarding school girl as calon girlfriend. Tak pandai masak, dia kata. Hishhh...


Ibu nya bukan pandai bercakap. Tapi pandai berleter... hehehe....


Ye ke? Kalau tengok depa bertekak amongst themselves tu, mcm gaya pembangkang jer .... kalau nak mencadang, only those cadangan yg mengabiskan duit ibu.....

Kak Pi...

Hahaha.. u buleh kawan dgn Ameer. Dia nak vote Birthday Party!


Didn't realise how 'complicated' the GE topic is until I have to answer the endless questions which I would otherwise consider trivial. Why, why, why tak habis-habis...