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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pulang kan ....

It's not as easy as ABC. Yet, it's simply "D" !

I first came across her blog from one of the links not so long ago. It has been one of my favourite sites that I hopped to ever since.

What I like about her entries is that they are mostly written in retrospect as post-reflection of her inner thoughts and feelings, self evaluation & assessment of whatever happenings worth sharing. It could be a self pat on the back for a great job done in cleaning up the kitchen, or the joy of baking, cooking & spending time with family & friends , or simply the weather. The unavoidable things in daily routines that some pacts in the blogosphere seem ever too ready to dismiss as insignificant and trivial.

It is the way she writes - in obvious simplicity and honesty with the least bit worry to impress others - that ironically impressed me. I adore "D" for what and how she has portrayed herself through her postings. Being a working mother myself, her constant reminder to herself to stay true to oneself of what really matters in life regardless of other worldly competing demands has steadily become yet another source of dosages of inspiration to me.

It was during the recent Ramadhan that I found out about "D"s shocking revelation of her beloved hubby, affectionately known on the page of her posting as "Mr D", being diagnosed as suffering from cancer. That was no easy test for "D" as a wife and a mother - especially being far away from homeland and family. As the malay saying goes, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Yet "D" being "D" that I admired silently, remained strong-willed and determined to face the days ahead with tireless effort to help relieve "Mr D"s suffering, simmered with much hopes and prayers for what's best Allah may destine it to be.

It is with deep regret and sadness that I learned that "Mr D" passed away today, barely one day after his 38th birthday. Innalillah .....

I pray that Allah grants his blessing onto Allahyarham.
I pray that "D" will remain strong for herself and her children.

Learning from "D" in pausing to reflect - I remind myself that everything in this world is temporary and not ours definitely for infinity. Love and savour who and what we have while we can. For the time will come when they have to return to the rightful owner.

The same goes for our very own self - don't delay what we should do today or continue to neglect what we should have done long ago for we never know if we'll live long enough to see the sunrise tomorrow. We too shall return one day.

Al-Fatihah ......