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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Letting him go ...

He's been bugging me for a week or so ...
- when can he have his own space
- how to show his own profile
- how to link to his favourite sites
- how to upload photos

And so today I helped Abang Idin to 'put up' his own place. With him having his own 'space', I could finally correct the mistaken identity. But as I changed back my profile, I felt a sudden tinge of sadness. I could remember the same undescribable feeling when sending him to Primary One, five years ago. He was small size for his age ( he still is!! ) and seeing him disappear into the crowd of the other Primary Ones almost choked me. Tears welled up in my eyes. Ayah just smiled and assured me he was going to be fine.

Yet, I couldn't help but feel emotional about it:
- Like letting him go off on his bicycle without the training wheels for the first time.
- Like encouraging him to pay for his own goods at the cashier tills.
- Like watching him joke around with his friends at school about things only boys of the same age understood.

It's like deja vu - only a different scenario this time - the same feeling overwhelmed me all over again as I helped him choose the template and colours for his text, columns & banners for his very own brand new blog.

Another history in my chapter as a mother unfolded today - managing the emotional challenges of modern day parenting - fronting your little one pleading for independence for cyber space.

Safe for his spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes here & there, I trust Abang Idin, who is no longer 'my little one', will be a responsible blogger.

Welcome Son, into the world of blogging ( but still under my guidance, no? yesss..... ) Since you are still under the official age for blogging, thus your ramblings remain under my nose for the time being. Nevertheless, I hereby grant your site temporary certificate of fitness ....

Enjoy the masterpiece under continuous construction :
Idin's World: The M.U. Supporter


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Thought of updating the blog tonite. And voila!! What a surprise... i seemed to have changed name to Idin! And I love football! The TaekwanDo bit was close though.... but hey.... hahahah.... tergelak sorang2 la ibu jadinya.

Alahai anak teruna ibu .... si abang Idin ni... dah start blogging dah !! He must have logged on to my blog (it's on auto sign-in on this notebook), and created a new blog of his own - but not realising it appeared in my blog!!! I remember now, he called me in the afternoon at the office and told me about his blog and I promised to read it when I got home ( tak sempat nak memblog la at work) . And I forgot all about it. Log on tonite and only to be pleasantly surprise with my new profile! Hahaha ....

If you click on my profile kat sebelah kanan ni, you will not miss his newly created blog, smacked in between my two blogs.

I'll leave it there for a while for your reading pleasure. Won't be that difficult to guess what he is into.

And have a go at this Pop Quiz after reading Idin's World:
1. What happened in my room on Friday the 13th, 2007, at 3.43 pm?
2. What's the score in the last match, Man U vs AS Roma?
3. Who scored the goal at 91st minute during Liverpool vs Man U?
4. My Story So Far is whose story actually?
5. What is the past tense of 'fight' ?
6. What is a 'hat-trick' ?
7. Which Club was Rooney initiated into when he was just 6 mths old?

Oh well... can't say I didn't learn anything from an 11 year old's blog !

I will not charge any space rent for the time being Abang Idin, ya? Nanti free-free ibu transfer kan into your own blog. I promise I won't correct any spelling or grammatical error ( though it's very tempting).

Okay lah, gotta go.... before I get a red-card from Ayah.... Good nite all!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

No longer just a boy, but not yet a man ....

Abang Idin turned 11 yesterday !!!

Happy Birthday ..... May Allah bless you my son.

More stories to come.... with or without your consent Abang Idin :)


Ibu in hibernation

Thank you to all who dropped by .... appreciate it very much. Tak sempat nak reply comments. Will do so as soon as I can... bila la tu?

Not procrastinating. Rather, prioritising.

Will be back.