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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Thought of updating the blog tonite. And voila!! What a surprise... i seemed to have changed name to Idin! And I love football! The TaekwanDo bit was close though.... but hey.... hahahah.... tergelak sorang2 la ibu jadinya.

Alahai anak teruna ibu .... si abang Idin ni... dah start blogging dah !! He must have logged on to my blog (it's on auto sign-in on this notebook), and created a new blog of his own - but not realising it appeared in my blog!!! I remember now, he called me in the afternoon at the office and told me about his blog and I promised to read it when I got home ( tak sempat nak memblog la at work) . And I forgot all about it. Log on tonite and only to be pleasantly surprise with my new profile! Hahaha ....

If you click on my profile kat sebelah kanan ni, you will not miss his newly created blog, smacked in between my two blogs.

I'll leave it there for a while for your reading pleasure. Won't be that difficult to guess what he is into.

And have a go at this Pop Quiz after reading Idin's World:
1. What happened in my room on Friday the 13th, 2007, at 3.43 pm?
2. What's the score in the last match, Man U vs AS Roma?
3. Who scored the goal at 91st minute during Liverpool vs Man U?
4. My Story So Far is whose story actually?
5. What is the past tense of 'fight' ?
6. What is a 'hat-trick' ?
7. Which Club was Rooney initiated into when he was just 6 mths old?

Oh well... can't say I didn't learn anything from an 11 year old's blog !

I will not charge any space rent for the time being Abang Idin, ya? Nanti free-free ibu transfer kan into your own blog. I promise I won't correct any spelling or grammatical error ( though it's very tempting).

Okay lah, gotta go.... before I get a red-card from Ayah.... Good nite all!



D said...

Cute! Abang Idin terrer yek?

sYaNa said...

hi :o) blog-hopped onto your blog and then visited your son's blog

:o) naik suspen juga baca his latest entry ... hehehe creative! keep it up, Idin :o)

hazyr said...

he's so charming la kak! :)

kc said...

hahahaha..very funny lah yr son's blog. to think an 11 yr old boy who could write like that with a very good imagination is damn good. i picture myself at that age writing like that? mak oii..english pun berterabur. nak tulis essay pun terketar ketar.

Anonymous said...

wah.. abg idin bley geng la ngan kite.. hehehe..




i dah baca dah Idin's blog. amboi, amboi, amboi...
memang intereting.
kak ena nak kacau dia lah from now on.

very very goood that he is blogging, and he is only 11.
my kids, adel and shaira (17 and 15, respectively), tak ada interest langsung.. tapi myspace, hebat...
apo nak jadi, nii...

Helena said...

from his writing, I pressume idin is mature. He is good for an 11 yr old. Terperanjat jugak bila tau yg dia baru 11.

My 11 yr old girl pun ada blog. She complaint that takde org yg comment. Arent there any 11 year old bloggers? she asked. hehe.

messupboy said...

boy dah baca idin punyer blog..
sgt menarik for a boy yg umurnya br 11.back then masa boy umur 11, ayik fikir bola dgn video game jer..hehe..
And Idin boleh geng ngan boy, sebab sama2 suka Manchester Utd! :)

Mummy Rizq said...

very genius of abg idin..!

simah said...

hahahahah u guys r turning into a family of bloggers la akak..that is soo cute :0)

wanshana said...

Dear Ibu,

Nak tergelak baca Idin's blog - very the kelakar, and very the imaginative, and very the creative one! Ni nak kena tanya Hanna if she's interested to have her own blog - boleh geng ngan Idin!

Agaknyer kalau Hanna ada blog, apa le her Blog title, eh? 'Taiko Kid's Diaries'?!!! Eherks...



Congratulations! You have won a Thinking Blogger Award. Please collect your blog-sticker and list of rules at my blog!'

Ibu said...

Terrer bab apa tu?

Dia ni memang creative & imaginative sikit.

Mana la tak tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi? Hahahaha.... masuk lif, tekan butang.

Tu lah kan? I guess kids these days have lots of advantage. Early exposure. Macam2 dia dah start fikir. Teringat dolu-dolu, "I goes to school everyday by bus, teacher!" . UHUK!! Kesiannya.

Ibu said...

Leymah & Messup Boy,
U all dgn Idin memang boleh ngam la. I am amazed as to how much he knows about MU !! Dates of "notable achievements" pun boleh hafal... aiya!

Kak Ena,
Blogging and chatting - all things online. Goes to prove how future generations prefer to communicate. Yet those people up there still want to defy the truth?

Thanks for the encouragement!

In a certain aspects, he seems a bit mature for his age. There was one time, when he was about 9+, he went to his Pak Long (Ayah's bro in law) who had bought a new car but instead of asking how fast the car could go(which we would expect a boy would ask, he asked;
(i) Pak Long ambik insurance company mana?
(ii) Pak Long bayar cash ke atau ambik loan?

Hahaha.... Terus Pak Long tanya ibu, "kau bagi makan apa dia ni?" hahahaha....

Ibu said...

Mummy Rizq,
Genius tak per. Jgn "jin-yes".

haha.... so we can now safely say, "it runs in the family".

Do you think Haizal would allow Hanna to have her own blog?

Ibu said...


An award? A thinking one? Waa..

Tenkiu, tenkiu...

First, I'd like to thank my husband who pays all the streamyx bills.
Secondly my boys, who surrender game time for ibu to blog.
Thirdly ...

Oh tidak! err... ada red carpet ke ni?