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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gunting ghambut

"Ibu..... bila Ayah nak bawak Ameer pegi gunting ghambut?"

"Ameer tanyalah kat Ayah."

"Tapi Ayah tu, Ameer tanya, dia tak jawab pun? Ameer kena gunting ghambut dah ni!"

"Ye ke? Why? It not's that long yet?"

"Dah...... see..... (sambil pegang 'ghambut' dia), ghambut Ameer dah turun bawah dah ni!"

"Uh? Turun bawah?!"

"Ha .... dah turun bawah sampai mata dah .... tengok ni!"

(Imagine Ameer pulling down his bangs to eye level)

"If we don't cut now, my hair will go down some more touching my nose, then go down some more touching my feet! So must gunting ghambut la Ibu!"

(Ibu tak tahan nak ketawa dengar Ameer 'speaking'. And of course his wild imagination of his hair 'turun bawah'...... THAT long until touching his feet?!! Ohhhh... but I couldn't laugh out loud though, so as not to discourage him 'speaking').

I combed his soft hair with my hand and assured him that Ayah would take him to gunting ghambut soon so that all his hair yang dah turun bawah tu can be cut short soon.

My hair memang sentiasa turun bawah, but maybe I can do with some shampooing, trimming of those split ends & shoulder massaging at the saloon? (Eh.... sapa kata kat Rawang tak de hair saloon? Melampau tau you all ni. Mesti lah ada....) Yeah... maybe I should do just that.

Hmm .... Ayah & the boys at "Mr Fashion" - the mamak barber - and Ibu just a few doors away at Alice's or Cindy's?

Yahhh... maybe that's what we should do today. Gunting ghambut activity....

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Life is a stage

Driving home from Ali Maju roti canai & teh tarik session this morning, Ayah & I had the pleasure and pressure of watching our 3 boys through the mirror - they were all over each other in the back seat. One minute they were teasing, joking and laughing their hearts out over nothing. The next minute quarreling, squabbling and shouting, accusing each other over nothing. Ameer starting calling out for me, snitching - Abang Hafiz buat itu, Abang Idin buat ini. Hafiz started defending, mana ada... tipu, dosa! Abang Idin let out his growl, oii... diam la oiii...

I had a mild headache. I couldn't care less what the boys were fighting about. I thought they'd be fine soon. So I just let them continue with their on-the-road drama, adopting the attitude of Wanshana, ahhh... tak kuasa!

Ayah gave me a nudge at the elbow, "Look at the boys..... Reminds me of our politicians. Macam budak kecik! Craving for attention."

Hahahaha... We had a good laugh.

Whether we realise it or not, the switching of scenes and acts are actually common household drama. Whether we like it or not, as parents, we get daily dosage of such takes without fail. Sometimes we just ignore them, knowing that these are child's play anyway. Sometimes, though, they got on to our nerves and we ended up breathless, all charged up over nothing ourselves!

Just like the high powered political drama that is unfolding before our eyes these days. Not Kung Fu Panda, not Hancock, not even Wall-e can topple it from the top of the chart - just yet!

The twist and turns has given Pak Lah some breathing space at least. And I suppose behind the scene, Tok Guru would surely further his prayers to the almighty to let the truth prevail.

One thing for sure, the truth is yet to be availed.

So hold on to your seats ladies & gentlemen, save your commentaries on those twist & turns, save your breath, saliva and pre-judgement on who's right and who's left, I mean, wrong.

Go grab some popcorns and coke (or keropok lekor & teh tarik if you like).

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Hey.... with the fuel & electricity tariff hike..... why complain when you've got in front of your eyes a free drama to enjoy?


"Life's but a walking shadow," says Shakespeare's Macbeth, "a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more."

A dark thought for every man, but darker still for the actor who has his true existence only in his everlasting duel with the public. For if every man's life is no more than a play, the actor's life is no more than a play within the play.

And what of all the rest? All that took place behind the scenes when he was a man like any other? Was all that, too, a show, an illusion, a tale "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"?

All the world's a stage indeed. And all the men and women merely players; they will have entrances, and surely their exits.


I think in his few words, Ayah has said it all. Macam budak kecik craving for attention.