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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Selingan : BRA

Last night Hafiz & Ameer quizzed each other on "Animals of The Land" (Haiwan Darat).

Animal 1
Hafiz : Dia black & white, ada empat kaki, dia ada BRA. Apa dia?

Ameer : IBUUUUU !!!

Ibu : Huh? (looking at myself - kebetulan I was wearing a black top. I take it that my kids consider me as fair, hence 'black & white'. hehehe...)

Hafiz: Bukanlah... Ibu ada dua kaki jer lah! And Ibu bukan animal. Apa lah Ameer ni.

Ameer : Habis tu?

Hafiz : ZEBRA !

Animal 2
Ameer : Dia ada ekor, tak ada kaki, dia pun ada BRA. Apa dia?

Hafiz : Ameer tipu lah! Mana ada animal lain yang ada BRA?

Ameer : Ada.... eleh... dia yang tak tau ....

Hafiz : Hah! Apa dia?

Ameer : COBRA !


Tu lah anak-anak Ibu. Kecik-kecik pun dah ada inclination towards BRA... hmmmm alahai!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Raya quickie...

It's been a while ... finally...

Thank you all for the well wishes for Abang Idin.

We waited nervously for his chest x-ray result that Raya eve. When the doctor was satisfied that there was no lung infection, she finally signed the discharged sheet. 9pm malam raya! Pheww........ :)

I still did manage to weave some ketupat (at the ward!) and so dapat lah a few. Boleh jadi tak sah kalau Raya tak de ketupat ni :)

Managed to grab songkok for the boys at Mydin too. One funny discovery, among the 3 boys, si 5 year old Ameer's songkok size is the biggest :)

Managed to find a barber that was still open at the 11th hour and Ameer had his hair trimmed - last customer :)

Arrived home, Bibi had started the ball rolling in the kitchen, legaaa.... I joined her in the frenzy. Tak sempat dah nak call 'Mak Ngah' to reconfirm berapa banyak halia and berapa banyak lengkuas to throw in (I have this ritual of final checking with my sis every raya eve for the rendang campak-campak, except this time around x sempat!) So bedal jer lah Bik. Sure jadi jer rendang tu. I went on to prepare the paste for ketam, lodeh and sambal udang. Standy to simmer & fry ... not just yet ... but in time before subuh :)

Meanwhile I set the table. Just like ketupat, table setting is another must have for Raya too :)

Shortly after, found sampin anak-anak in one of the boxes :)

Then I prepared the baskets for the Raya dishes for the neighbours :)

I didn't sleep. OH! Maybe lelapkan mata for a while just after Subuh. Then went on a duet with Bibi to prepare the Raya dish :)

In the end, we still managed to have a decent Raya in our new house after all. Alhamdulillah :)

We took our own sweet time for Raya breakfast this time instead of rushing to Mak Long's house - knowing that she would have known that Abang Idin just got discharged the night before. It was almost 1pm by the time we got to Dmnsara, much to the relief of the in laws, nieces & nephews - as they had indeed been waiting, but for the crab lahh! Not us. hahaha :)

Big smilessss :) :) :)

Photos? Coming soon..... Awaiting Ayah to upload the slides (saja ler nak manja, suruh dia buat kan.... :D)