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Monday, September 28, 2009

Profile updated

Taking one baby step at a time ....

First things first - update the profile.

SO now it reads, bla...bla.... mother of FOUR (previously three) ...bla..bla.... who kisses her CHILDREN (previously sons) ....

Membawa maksud ..... ?

Salam :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Still mother of three

My introductory profile on the right hand column cannot be updated yet.

Yup.... still mother of three, for the time being.

It must be very cozy 'in there', kan? Syiok dia dok dalam tu.

And yeah.... my initial plan to update week by week... no, I knew that would be too ambitious; perhaps month by month - more like it .... even that tak menjadi. hehehe......

And I can't be updating hour by hour pulak by now kan? The countdown? Ekekeke.... konon.

Will update soon with some reflections hopefully on how the last +/- 9 months have been treating me.....

Meanwhile, say a lil' prayer that everything turns out well ya? Ma kasihhhhhh.... berkat doa di bulan Ramadhan ni kan?


p/s Nama pun belum decide lagi.