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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yeah baby.......

What: Ayah's annual dinner
When: Last weekend
Where: Pullman, Putrajaya
Theme: Movieganza
Movie what????

I first thought.... let's simply dressed up in Baju Melayu & Baju Kebaya - ala-ala P Ramlee & Saloma. But.... hey..... I no longer have the 'pinggang macam kerengga' to fit into any Saloma-like outfit, that's for sure. So, cannot lah.

Then I thought, alah.... why not as James Bond & any of the Bond girls..... Ayah can dressed up smartly in black suits and I can slip into ( read as: buy new!!! yeay....) shiny swaying slithering long dress - all covered up for sure.

Ayah said.... alah... sure ramai turn up like that coz they don't want to waste time thinking of what outfit to wear & money to buy new wardrobe. Aiya..... hancur harapan & berkecai angan2 nak dapat new dress... hampeh...

And then I figured.... ohhh... so he was willing to waste time to think of what outfit to wear la ye? Semangat pulak nak dress up, abang aji ku ini? Oh yes.... don't forget.... he's just been elected as the new term chairman ( or is it president ?) of the sports & recreation club. So he's got be 'in the zone' laaaaaaaa kaaaaannnnn?

So off we went searching for suitable outfit. There were so many options! Ranging from Disney movie characters (Snow White, Cinderella, etc) to super hero movies (Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Kluangman jer tak de!). But it was a real challenge for us. The characters that we thought we could 'menjiwai' ; like Cleopatra & Mark Anthony for example (ekekekeke..... perasan), the outfits were not so nice looking. Rather, tak muat la actually.... Haiyooooo... serious in deep trouble.

Someone recommended a costume shop in Sunway Damansara (ohhh....sepelaung jer dari kedai runcit ku itu....) and we dropped by the shop with much hope that we could find something that we could wear ( read: that we could fit into! ).

And when we reached the shop......

OHHHH.... it was love at first sight for Ayah......
(and because they have S, M, L & XL sizes for the trousers).

I simply tagged along..... as one of his chosen movie character's latest girl.

So here's presenting to you........


(Ibu as 'Beyonce' la konon.... but the version after given birth to 4 children...LOL!!!)



p/s Comey tak? Certified by Jakim, all aurat fully covered. heheheh.....

Monday, May 03, 2010

Teens & Cars

Reading the 'story' from The Star today, related by a friend of the late Amirulrasyid (who died in the fatal shooting in Shah Alam) brought tears to my eyes.

There has been a lot of speculations and views on a lot of related matters - curfews, access to cars, etc .... I don't want to make any comment here. Suffice to say, I have 3 boys to worry.

Peringatan untuk anak-anak Ibu yang tersayang dan untuk diri Ibu sendiri:
Yang bagus jadikan teladan, yang kurang jadikan sempadan.

As with everything else - maktub.