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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year, Luv!

It was -5 degrees and we were having so much fun chasing one another on the 4 inches thick of soft white surface and throwing snow ball to each other when we realised it was 10 minutes to midnight. We chased around the snow man, throw a few more snow balls and took another glance at the the brightly lit cottage that was all covered with icy flakes in that near freezing temperature before we made the dash.

We rushed to the grand entrance to watch the fireworks. It was already full to the brim by the time we got there and we had to squeeze ourselves through the crowd to find a spot to catch a glimpse or two of the firework display if we could, stretching our necks over the heads of hundreds more. Almost out of breath, we hold on tight to each others' hands not wanting to risk separation in that madness. The jubilant mood anticipating the clock strike was everywhere.

As the countdown began, he wrapped his arms around me and hold me even closer. Our cheeks touching each others'. We hugged each other tightly and snuggled into each others' body, enjoying every moment of doing just that. And slowly but surely we joined in the festive crowd for the last few counts of 3-2-1 and shouted

Happy New Year!

In a split second, the vibrant colorful display of fireworks emerged in the sky with a grand big bang. First red and yellow, then green and blue. Followed by a spectacular splash and mixture of the whole palette soon after, much to the oohhhss and ahhhhs of the jaw dropped audience.

Almost instantaneusly too, we turned to face each other.

He stared into my eyes with his gentle eyes and slowly planted a kiss on my nose. Then on both sides of my cheek.

I kissed him back on his nose. And then on his cheeks too.

"Happy New Year, sayang!" I whispered to him first.

He pulled me even closer. The tip of his nose touching mine.

Despite the chill of the cold weather, the warmth of his body overwhelmed me as we cuddled each other. We were oblivious to the loud cheerful crowd around us.

At that moment to savour, there was only the two of us embracing each other, loving one another.

With his soft but husky voice, he whispered back to my ear,
"Happy New Year, Ibu! Esok ada firework lagi tak?" asked Ameer innocently.

"Esok takde dah. But we can still play the 'pop-pop'. Nanti kita beli kat Mydin ok?" I answered assuringly while still nozzling Ameer's nose. A display of affection and love which I do freely with my little ones without any worry of what other people around me would say. Something which I obviously would not do for Ayah (well.... holding Ayah's hands maybe but I'm definitely not nozzling his nose while in the public eyes!!! )

From right below, another small pair of hands tugged my jacket.
"Happy New Year Ibu! I love you!" cheered Hafiz excitedly.

And then another face emerged from the crowd, "Ok jom, let's go back inside and play some more games!" urged Abang Idin, with Ayah nodding in agreement, appearing from behind.

The Snow World closed at 12.10am but the Indoor Theme Park would still be open till 1.00am. So off we went back inside '5 beranak' to maximise the remaining of what's left of our 'investment' at Genting Highland in the first hour of this new year.

Oh! What a moment! A joyful feeling that no mother would want to outgrow.


(from Ibu, Ayah & anak-anak dari Kota Keriangan)