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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Weird factors about Ibu, at last!!

People have long moved on to new entries and I still haven't answered the tag challenge from D.

Sorry D dearie, Ibu sibuk sangat lately. Nevertheless, at long last today I finally find some time & muster some strengths to put together a list of weird things about me to be read by those who know me but most who don't ... which is not quite a good way to introduce myself to others, is it? But what the heck, since I am a good sport anyway - hahaha...perasan la, since tak de orang nak puji. So, put on your seat in upright position & fasten your seat belt. Here we go....

RULES: People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Weird things? Hmmm... ok. I think there are a lot of weird things about me for sure. But taking into consideration that this blog is dedicated to my children who at the time of blogging this are all underaged and not eligible to vote yet, I have to be cautious to "publish" in here only those things that do not require strict Parental Guidance when being read. So for all my kind blogosphere friends who visit this blog, bear in mind, these are the mildest of Ibu's weird factors :) Those who know me personally, shhhhh.....

Weird factor No 1:
I only know how to drive a car (which has to be auto). I know nothing else about cars. And not interested to find out or learn either. There were some weird episodes of Ibu with cars. Drove with the handbrake still on (from Jln Klang Lama right till I reached home at RAWANG !!!), re-fuelled brand new car (1 week old) with .....DIESEL! Drove at night without lights on until HALF WAY through the journey (uishh... macam Paris Hilton la pulak). Drove off from petrol station without putting back the fuel tank cap securely. There was also one time I drove half way home from airport with the wing mirror safely 'tucked' inside (Ayah parked the car, siap 'simpan' itu wing mirror. Then he flew off. I had to drive home. Didn't know which button laaa....). And as you can imagine by now, of course I don't know how to handle flat tyre (other than call AAM or call Ayah), re-fill water or minyak hitam, switch off the alarm, bla...bla...bla.... The bright side of this? Opportunities for Ayah to still show his male supremacy over me.

Weird factor No 2:
Still on car - but this time my 'parking' skills. Only know how to do L parking and has to be front loaded. And preferably with no cars on either side or only one. No side parking, no reverse parking, no tight spot parking. Doesn't matter if I have to walk far, but hey... i'm grateful I can still walk. Anyway, it's the least form of exercise that I can manage these days. Hehehe.... rationalising.

Hai... bila la nak dapat 'driver' ni eh?

Weird factor No 3:
I only cook beef twice a year, Raya Puasa & Raya Haji. This is perhaps linked to Ayah's weird factor who doesn't like to eat beef (nanti terselit celah gigi katanya....). But I am myself convinced that that link is secondary. The primary reason of cooking beef only twice a year is .... sebab Ibu ni memang kurrreeennng la bab masak-memasak ni. Kurreeeng pandai, kurrrreeenng waktu and most obviously, kurreeeng kerajinan.

Weird factor No 4:
I love to 'collect' contest forms, with or without slogans, with or without proof of purchase. Dutch Lady, Kit Kat, Nescafe, Drypers, J&J, Star Crossword Puzzle, Friskies, KFC, McD, Shell ..... you name it. When I do my weekly groceries for example, I would always watch out for these forms at the product aisles. And if not available at the aisles, I would be oh-so-rajin to drop by the customer service counter to find out if there's any contest form of whatever products, and collect whole bunch if there are. What do I do with forms? Oh well... some I did send out - as in taking part in the contests. Siap bagi standing instruction kat Bibi tau, itu Dutch Lady logo & Drypers barcode mesti kena gunting & bagi simpan. Hehehe.... But some are simply left on the microwave oven for Bibi to dispose after few weeks or so, if she saw them left untouched. Have I won anything? Adalah a few hampers from Friskies, some paper photo frames from Drypers (duhhh!!), a free 4 days/3 nights stay at Berjaya Tioman Island Resort - which we couldn't take advantage off because I was pregnant that time & was confined to limited travelling. That's about all really. Haven't received the key to that BMW or 2 1/2 bungalow at 1 Utama yet, or that 1 million worth of insurance coverage even. But I still do collect those forms.

WEIRD you all say? Ha... wait la, wait. One fine day I will win that Route 66 vacation from the 'percutian dengan pemanduan terhebat di dunia' contest. Oh yes, if you want to follow, you can try to squeeze yourself into my luggage, I don't mind.

Weird factor No 5:
I collect pencils. Not pens. But pencils. Not any kind of pencils. But the ones from hotels. Which means, if I attend business meetings at hotels, i'll definitely bring back 2 or 3 pencils. At the end of each meeting, I will without any hesitation pick up my pencil, and a few others from nearby tables and simply stash them in my handbag without shame or fear. What do I do with them? Nothing. I don't write using pencils at work. I hardly sketch & draw these days. So I don't know why. I remember once when I was packing to go for an out of town business meeting & I asked Abang Idin if he wanted any souvenir from where I was travelling to, he answered with a sombre face, "anything will do as long as it is not the hotel pencil". Oucch!! But my collection is depleting fast these days, no thanks to my boys who simply take them away without prior permission. Each time I asked where are your own pencils? Gone. Kawan pinjam tak pulang. So if you open my boys' pencil cases, you will see a few pencils with cartoon characters and a few with hotel name imprints.

Weird factor No 6:
I can't seem to finish my perfume. I love perfume and have a few different ones. But I use very little of it each time. A tiny bit of spray or splash on my wrist & behind my earlobe and that's it. Cam mana nak habih? I still have half a bottle of Chloe Narcisse (from Lancome ke ni? ntah la, lupa dah) that Ayah gave for hantaran kahwin umpteenth years ago. Does perfume have expiry date? AYAH .... if you are curi2 reading this blog (why don't you want to admit that you do love to read my blog, Ayah??), this particular weird thing about Ibu does not absolve you in anyway whatsoever of the due consideration and eventual action to buy me a bottle of nice perfume for my next birthday, comprende honey?

So there you go. The minimum required 6.

Now I have to tag another 6 bloggers? Rasa macam main childhood game zaman dulu-dulu pulak, it's called 'ram-ram-rit' - lari lari, kejar-kejar, cuit somebody, orang yg kena cuit tu pulak kejar orang lain. That I can do. But I don't know that many bloggers, and most of the ones that I know & frequently visit their blogs have all been tagged. Therefore, the lucky ones remaining whom I hereby gladly tag are :

Ryzah - my junior at school
OSH - fellow blogger
Ninuk Noviati Sachlin - bukan artis indon ya... wink!
Syikin (yg pandai & rajin memasak)" - whose blog I often visit dgn harapan I will pandai masak just by reading the recipes
Shana , my one & only 'ahli majlis tertinggi' who has now joined the blogging moms club

and last but not least

My darling Ayah... who has never updated his blog since he created it.

To my boys, i hope despite all the weird things about me, you all will still love me. At least because I can still manage to drive you all to McD, can anyam ketupat to be eaten with with beef rendang twice a year, have pencils on standby in case you lost all yours and smell nice most of the time so you all still prefer to snuggle next to me instead of next to ayah :)

Will people still read my blog after knowing this weird things about me? Hopefully la ek? Itu pun if I manage to update the entries.

Wassalam ...


hazyr said...

Alamak.. looks like my projected image as the most 'normal' person on earth will be shattered soon! ;)

D said...

Wonderfully put! Don't worry, I'll still be frequenting this blog, InsyaAllah...

Minah Celoteh said...

I tot u masih mood Laya Cina, collection nimau sana sini hehehe
U punya weird factor No. 6....kita same same LOL

Ibu said...

eheheh... time to release all those skeleton in the closet babey!

Ahhh... thanks! If u're, sure I belanja teh tarik.

Nimau dah habis....tunggu Labour Day punya cuti pulak. Hi five for No 6, yeah!

p/s napa tak leh access your blog minah?

Shana said...

Alamak Ibu...why you want to torture me one??!!! Tag?!!! How the *%#@ am I going to rise to that challenge? I mana ada weird facts about me...semua yang you dengar tu "FITNAH" semata-mata!!! Abih tu nak kena "link"(?) kan my blog to another 6 bloggers pulak?!!! Macam mana tu?!!Aishhhh....lagi dahsyat dari nak perabih my PhD ni...

simah said...

salam perkenalan... :0)

thank u for visiting my blog..tergelak saya baca the part about ur *capability* regarding ur car knowledge n parking.. i can connect coz masa kat malaysia...i was like that too...

ibu kalau datang turki mesti tak boleh drive punya sebab turki ni memang horror gila.. jalan sempit tapi kereta dia orang buat 2 way street..ngeriiiiii :0)

love reading ur entries (read a few).. will defintely come back again :0)

Ordinary Superhero said...

Alamak dah kena!.

Hutang dulu boleh? I have been tagged earlier on the same subject. Nanti I bayar sekaligus, boleh?

Ibu said...

Relax arr.. link tu optional, as long as you identify the names pun jadik la...

Thanks. Jemputlah lagi ke sini bila senang2. Gerenti ibu tak drive kalau ke turkey!!

Hutang? boleh... boleh.... i ni pun ntah how many weeks baru sempat siap weird tag ni.

Kaklong said...


hehe..yelah ibu, sayalah kaklong & syikin tu hihi.

wah..banyak gak yg pelik ttg ibu ni :D. esp. kumpul pensil n masak daging 2x setahun tu.

tima kasih tag saya ya, tp saya dah buat dah. ada kat blog wanita dan keluarga tu (me as kaklong hihi). akak tgk kat entri bulan februari ya..

saya tgh malas sangat ni nak blogging. saya masuk ni pun nak bagitau akak yg saya dah buat tag tu lama dah :D

Mummy Rizq said...

haa..haa..kelakar ler ibu pasal drive khete tu! macam macam tragedi...

Anonymous said...


Ninuk, I am BL Lau of Motorola.


have u update the pareto, i mean the graph. we should get a zero-defect product by the end of this month.

Please do as I told u.


dont give me any lousy reason!!!

I want all of this will be fully operational within the hour.


dillazag said...

Sis, you are a definite weirdo! :) So glad to have found you from hazyr's blog. Will definitely come back!