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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Terlajak perahu boleh ditarik

I never thought that I would be commenting about politics here in "Cerita Ibu". This was, still is, intended to be read by my children(eventually , when they know how to read, or when they have switched to other web-based interests other than just on-line games).

But I remember I was barely 12 when I first joined the class 'debating' society - defending and opposing all kind of motions to help sharpen 'thinking on my feet'. Which means, Abang Idin ... for you it is just around the corner. Besides, you have already been voted as the class best speaker recently. So I think it's about time that I sprinkle this blog with some serious issues for you to read and ponder.

I learned from the blogs of Kak Teh, NS and then MM, that one Minister was recently reported by Sin Chew Jit Poh ( 09/03/07) to have said that "bloggers are liars" and "they use all sort of ways to cheat others" and "bloggers like to spread rumours" and "they don't like national unity".

It was also reported that from what the minister knew, "out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women" and "bloggers like to spread rumours" and "they don't like national unity" (sighhhh.... this only goes to show how much he really knew). He was also reported to have asked people not to believe bloggers and gamble away Malaysia’s future because 50 years of Merdeka (Independence) takes a lot to achieve it. “We have to show to the people our positive attitude. If the world learns from us, there will peace and no civil war".

Is such hasty & sweeping generalisation from Pak Menteri an exemplary show of our nation's positive attitude ? Short circuit thinking maybe, but positive attitude? A far cry.

As I commented in one of those blogs, kepada bapak-bapak di atas sana, jangan sampai kerana pulut santan binasa. Ingat panas sentiasa sampai ke petang ke? Kalau ringan sangat mulut nak quote statistics on women blogging, cuba lah study our nation's latest demographics. Nanti esok kalau hujan renyai2 turun ditengahari, baru la sibuk nak memancing women bloggers punya undi?

The future voters are conceived, brought to this world, raised, nurtured and easily influenced by the "hands that rock the cradle". Don't put us down and take us for granted - employed or unemployed alike, as we still do sing to our children to sleep, since even before they were born - and if the picture you paint of us is nothing but petty, those songs we whisper to them (your future voters), ain't gonna be lullaby-baby no more.

Remember wahai Pak Menteri, behind every great man, there is a great woman. Behind every great nation, there are great women that help sustain the powers-that-be.

Ingat sebelum terlambat.

To my boys .... I don't know what the future holds. I will ask Ayah to backup all my entries externally, just in case one day in the future, we wake up only to be rudely greeted by a message on the pop up screen which says; "Opppssss! Citizen of blogosphere, sorry... talian anda tidak dapat diteruskan lagi, for the sake of national unity".




assalamualaikum, ibu,

thank you for visiting and for posting on the issue.

thank you,too,for linking me.I hope you dont mind -- i have also linked you.

you may not know this,but i do read your blog, through other blogs that i read.



Manal said...

Bagus they not think that women also participate in the voting?

Minah Celoteh said...

Bravo!...Applause!Applause!...Well said...bila awak punya turn nak jadik menteri?
I make sure my famili undi u.....

Ibu said...

Waalaikumsalaam... thank you ....

One or two (or some more?) are suffering 'verbal diarhoea' - tak sempat fikir, pakai cakap jer... :P

Oh Minah!
U're back. Alahai.. I tak leh jadi menteri. Awal2 lagi dah tolak scholarship offer to study law. Ibu ni setakat susun2 & staple kertas, type 2-3 baris sentences boleh la....

NJ said...

Salam ibu - I am still stunned, confused, angry!!! How dare...

Kak Elle said...

ibu baru sempat membaca a few of entries sekali masuk ... kesian Hafiz wanting you to be with him.

take care and long live woman power!

Ibu said...

(ibu pun hulur tangan...salam, salam :D ).
Tu la kan? Grrr....

Kak Elle,
Ahhh... thanks for hopping by. Memang sayu jer pagi2 nak tinggalkan bebudak tu kat rumah. This week pun konon dah plan to take leave (cuti sekolah), tapi tak kesampaian juga.... :(

Mummy Rizq said...

Read your last entry where Hafiz nak Ibu... Pagi tadi rizq act the same. Berat sangat hati nak pergi kerja.. tapi TERPAKSA! Pity him...

~ GAB ~ said...

I am not writing this for the sake of being on women's side just to make people happy but deep down in me, as a sensible man, I am angry over the statement too. I have all the reasons to get angry when one being called a Minister of my beloved country can be too snappy over things without proper studies done and it shows clearly lack of intelligence in his action. As any politicians, he'd have his way to clean up for political sake later but damaged has been done.

david santos said...

Hello, Ibu!
This work is very good, thank you
have nice week

umi ameer said...

I setuju sangat dengan kata-kata ibu ... jangan nanti mereka terhegeh-hegeh mintak undian kaum ibu yang tak bekerja..

Keep up the women power!

JoKontan said...

Bu ohh Buuu,

Baru nak tersedar there's such minister...

Thanks ! Now nak hop around to know who's this.


JoKontan said...

Bu oh Buu..

Thanks for the info. Now, I'm hopping around to find out more.

Anonymous said...

Cayalah IBU. Nama pon blog. blog kan mcm diari. it's up to us to write ape kita nak. in fact tak suruh pon org percaya. mcm lagu siti tu... jgn jadik mcm China sudah... block terus jurnal. lg over!


Ibu said...

Mummy Rizq,
The feeling that we mommies will never outgrow.

And highly concentrated chlorox is recommended for his cleaning up! Thanks for the moral support.

Mr Santos,
Iyo lah... samo jo comment kat tompat lain?

That's the point!

Hop around. Hop around. If it can't be found, then you have to continue hopping around ...

LEYMAH !!!!!! hehe... hi!

ninuk said...

itu menteri tau tak guna komputer at the first place. by the way, dia tau tak apa ke bendanya belog tu. dia tu constituency mana ? make sure he will be voted out.

Ibu said...

I dok rawang, tak boleh nak "undi" dia pun! hehe.

"Jedi Hopeful" is the ambitious young lady.... said...

hai ibu, kite ni ibu-ibu yg telah dilupakan, i guess..women are daughters, sisters, & mothers. we might nag, but surely we have some truth to tell and teach.
jangan kita yg patah semangat sudah..
Pls check out my blog and comment about a posting on parenting, i might need some advise from you.

D said...

orang selalu lupa mana asal-usulnya... it's an over-generalisation that does not make sense at all. guess these MCPs haven't come across the excellent blogs we have created! YeeeeeHAAAAAA!!