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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 minute fame

Yeah.... so I might have secured 1 minute worth of newspaper reading time from some people today.... hehehe....

Half page, above the men's shoes. Front page online (snapshot summary). hmmm .... not bad an allocation.

Sure enough I received some feedbacks via sms, email & phone calls from my "fans" ( err... and one via blog comment too :).

Some actually alerted by me in the first place. Hahaha.... gila glamer aper?

But let me share with you some of the feedbacks, which I thought are enlightening :

1. "Your pix looks good" ( from someone outside "fan club" - I know, pay awards is due in 2 mths time, so no surprise....)

2. "Very proud of u la... terus lari masuk resource centre" (from hubby's niece, yes - stay sweet dear, I promise I shall sponsor the well known "Grade A Choice" eggs (bunga telur) for your wedding)

3. "Dah nampak this am. 'Hubby' pointed out!" (from one Majlis Tertinggi member - even the hubbies are keeping eyes on us!! Alamak....)

4. "Alamak mem, kenapa tak pakai baju lip-lap masa interview? And what retails skills are u talking about? Maybe boleh try? " (from another Majlis Tertinggi member - see? eyes for details... bling-bling yg dia cari....sah MT!!)

5. "U ni, posing pun macam debator ... " ( from yet another Majlis Tertinggi member - hello friend, I tak posing pun tau.... dia 'tangkap' during live interview. So sejak azali style cam tu la agaknyer?)

6. "Wah. Aku dah baca article kau..... Besaunya gambar! Tak nampak perut pun!" ( who would dare to comment like that if not another Majlis Tertinggi member? Kah!kah! kah! Aiya Mdm! Kalau nampak perut, at least orang tau la I am not naturally tembam ok? Rather buatan orang tu..... )

7. "I saw oredi. Waaaaaa memang ada gaya. Was trying to spot the ring on d finger la...." ( tidak syak lagi, obviously has to come from another Majlis Tertinggi member. Tak boleh buat apa la kan kita ni semua? rings, bling-bling, gemuk vs kurus... that shall continue to be our key highlights of any day's discussion..... hehehe..... Mdm, for the record, not the Mont Blanc ring)

8. "Sis, cantik gambar you, Well done" ( from my junior Srikandi. errr... thank you sis. But well done on the news coverage ker? Or well done on the photo editing to cover up my pimples? Musykil nih...)

9. "Mdm, read ur interview today. Good job!" ( from ex-colleague... thanks dear! Ber-madam madam pulak you! hehehe)

10. "Glamer... front page, btimes. Ada staff dah tanya" ( from non other than my no 1 fan, my hubby. hehehe... tell your staff, if they want to apply, they can send their CVs through you. Moonlight as recruitment agent, bley? )

Cukup la kan..... 1 minute fame, as I said.

Orang lain keluar masuk paper saban hari tak ambik pusing pon! Kita sekali sekala, terasa la glamer dak? hehehehe.....

Itu lah cerita ibu hari ni.

The real message of the news article ? Ah... serious stuff like that, next time lah :)



tireless mom said...

I saw I saw it too! Terexcited kejap and didn't know how to convey the congratulatory note. I know you will blog about it.

First of all, the small pic kat depan tu agak tembam sikit. Sah muka mak buyung yg kembang. But yg half page tu, allamakkkss tetap anggun. Tak nampak pregnant sedikit pun.

So very proud as a srikandi who has a Director fren and someone who has achieved fame carrying an associated British name. Balik rumah terus tanya my kids, "you all siapa nak tengok Ibu the blogger". Proud as a fellow makcik blogger too.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ibu, congratulations. Wayyyy to go!
Nothing like some publicity...siapa la tau in case Hollywood ada their talent scouts sniffing around, ha ha.
Happy for you. Keep well Ibu, Lee.

rad said...

Salam ibu,
Please, Im asking you - pretty please...I dont buy newspaper nowadays much more read btimes pulok tu...
So, if you're kind enuf to us (hehehehe) tepek le kat sini boleh??

Ummi365 said...

i saw ... posing habis tu.. pesal ibu tak tutup muka cam selalu tu hehehe...

Madam Tai Tai said...

Hello Malaysian Celebrity!

Wish I could read the interview but alas I'm in Dhaka... With the wonderful reviews from others, I'm sure there is a line outside your door now for autograph signing! Fofular!

Eta My said... usual kita terpinga-pinga...

Cut and paste lah cerita glamour itu!..


wanshana said...

Yes - pose best debator masih di situ :)

Yes - was looking our for the Mont Blanc :)

Yes - tak nampak perut pun :) Tapi, kalau nampak pun tak per what. Memang sah buatan orang pun, tetapi tiada unsur-unsur paksaan, atau kerahsiaan, and of course, no ill-intentions...Hehehe!

Bravo, my friend! (Sukanyer I - boleh claim kenal you...Errrr, I pun boleh dapat supply telur Grade A free ke?)


jan said...

...paper apa ek???

KC said...

OK, this old makcik tertinggal LRT...apa kebendenya tuh? hang dah jadik poster girl or calender girl? ada kena mengena ngan kedai runcit yg hang dok citer tuh ke?

anyways, its not 1 minute fame but 15 minutes OK..*LOL*

Dad of 4+1 said...

Yes besaunyer!

Wanted to mssg you on FB then bz pulak that day. Showed the pic to Superwomanwannabe....Mmg macam dalam buku cenderahati PPM he he he

D.N.A.S said...

I read it like really early in the morning. Tengah mengantuk, terus segar mata. Memang betul, sebijik gambar debater .... tapi, yang penting glamerrrrrr....

aiz said...

ala.... i missed it....

bella said...

And I missed this???ala....scan lah...and put up the clipping here...pleaseeeeeeeeeeee....hehhehe....-

Siti Aisyah said...

masa baca ni dulu kat muadzam so mcm nk cr newspaper agak leceh

aritu pg ruma nenek ade kat dinding tu br lah nmpk gaba busu mulut tga ternganga bg ucapan,

yea, masuk surat khbar ;)