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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let the lessons begin ....

It's never quite easy agreeing on how to deliver a mutually agreed objective with Ayah. We often get into debates, which is my favourite! But with Ayah as the sparring partner, the debates are pretty 'calm' and 'silent' (remember Paula Abdul's song "Opposite Attracts"?).

"It's RMxxx per month per head."
"Ohhhh.. too expensive........"
(followed by silence.....)

"Ha... there's a cheaper one at Perangsang Templer Park!"
"Aisey.... too far lah....."
(followed by silence .....)

"4pm weekends?"
"Clash with Abang Idin's visiting hours, don't u think?"
(followed by silence ....)

"How about week nights?"
"Hmmm.... tak sempat kot? Clash with Kumon. Unless you can come home earlier on those week nights?"
(followed by silence....)

"So shouldn't he start now?"
"If he howls 'NAK IBUUUUUUUU' in the classes, how?"
(followed by silence.....)

And this calm & silent debates went on and on for weeks, I think months now. But deyyyy thamby.... silent & calm camana pon, perempuan mana yg buleh tahan with such prolonged non commitment? Bukannya nak suruh kawen lagi satu pon! (Now that's a bad comparison! I don't think men would defer deciding to spring into action with such offer from their wives if that really happens! hissh.... simpang, simpang!)

What are these bigger than world matters to decide at hand? To commit pronto?

Hehehe... Just swimming lessons for Hafiz & Ameer, and Tae Kwan Do lessons for Ameer.

See.... bukan ler apa sangat kan? But waiting for my supposedly better half to decide and commit, MAK OIIIIIII!!!! Mengalahkan menunggu keputusan cabinet & jemaah menteri to decide on minimum wage in Malaysia.

So I decided to just take the plunge!

And yesterday, while Ayah was away attending an office function (corporate social responsibility) at Tasik Perdana, the Home Minister at Emerald Rawang proceeded to sign on the dotted line to :

1. Enroll the boys in the much deferred swimming lessons under the supervision of Coach Danny at Duta Palms club in Bandar Country Homes (which is only 3 traffic lights away from Emerald) in the morning, and

2. Enroll Ameer to join Hafiz in Tae Kwan Do lessons with the same Master Prabha at Green Park Rawang (which is also only 3 traffic lights and 1 roundabout away from Emerald) in the afternoon.

Given time & distance equal money too .... I concluded that, hehh, seposen dua posen differences in fees, takde makna nyer kalau berpeluh2 kena drive sana sini!

Yeah... of course this Ibu had to go through those cringe moments with Ameer grabbing & clinging tightly to my legs before entering the pool, forcing me to move inch by inch bow-leggedly to get him near the pool edge. Thank goodness, the coach was very good indeed - living up to his reputation as silver & bronze medallists coach. (Gold? not yet... tunggu my boys kot? Who knows....) Just as I got near the edge, he grabbed Ameer and carried him piggy back style to the middle of the pool. It was just the wading pool to start with, but which was still quite deep for the already freaked-out Ameer. In my heart I was like - Oh My God!!! Habih la anak aku!!!! I walked away quickly to the other side of the pool, took my seat in the shades and pretended to read (yeah... with the book covering my face! Hide away la konon... hahaha). And surprise! surprise! It worked out just fine. When I lowered down the book a few minutes later, I saw Ameer already had his goggles on and hanging on (to his life!!!) to the pool's edge by himself. Shortly after, they were already into the holding of breath under water and the water kicking drills.

Phewwww........ so it was a case of 'forced trust' professionally crafted. In a crisis moment like that (being in the middle of the pool where his feet could not touch the base), Ameer had just got to trust the sole adult within his reach, i.e. Coach Danny and hang on to him for his dear life - instead of hoping for his Ibu (who was gone from his sight in seconds) to save him. Coach Danny pesan; there is a technique to do it, ok? Don't simply pandai-pandai try on other people.... ekekeke.....

Hafiz, on the other hand, hmmphhh... macam itik jumpa air!!!

I continued ducking my head behind the book, forcing my over-rated motherly concern to be taken over by the gripping tale of the female suffering and endurance under the Taliban's rule penned by Khaled Hosseini.

At about 5 past 11, I heard the two boys singing the familiar tune, THANK YOU COACH DANNY! Hahhh...alas.... I pun dah berpeluh2 masa tu. The boys smiled towards me. Ameer put up his right hand up in the sky, ready to give me a high 5 from afar.

I texted Ayah to update him on the accomplishment.

Later in the afternoon, while Ayah was still away attending his corporate social responsibility office function ( hey... berapa lama daaaaa????? ), I dropped off the boys at Teacher Rameni's house to car pool with her children to the Tae Kwan Do class pulak.

Again Ameer was very hesitant in the beginning. But I just had to remind him that he needed to start learning self defense early, else who will protect 'Anis'? Wohooooo!!!! That line worked wonders I tell ya (hehehe, sorry Abid .... ). Talk about 'motivation'! This guy is really fond of Anis, a daughter of one of my MT clan, Abid. So anything for Anis. Plus, since Hafiz (and Abang Idin too, before this) was already in the class, at least Ameer was not as apprehensive towards Tae Kwan Do as he was towards swimming. But I bet my broken finger nails that it was the mere mentioning of protecting Anis being the key differentiating factor in this case. My maternal instinct says so.

Abang Idin also had a Tae Kwan Do meet of some sort at Stadium Cheras. A tourney amongst the light/feather weight he said. Ada ke? Ntah ler.... So we would not be visiting him at the hostel in the afternoon.

With visiting session cancelled and with the two boys out of the house on Saturday afternoon, I thought it was a good time to catch up on my reading. On the sofa, in front of the TV. Air cond switched on. A plate of goreng pisang (tapau from a stall outside the club) and a mug of teh tarik by the side (courtesy of bibik on weekends). The same 'A Thousand Splendid Sun' by Khaled Hosseini at hand. Wahhhh.... what a bliss!!! As you can guess ..... I dozed off to sleep in no time at all. HAHAHAHA ....

Ayah woke me up - tak sedar pun what time. Asked the boys whereabout. And I told him lepas swimming, lunch, lepak sat, then pi Tae Kwan Do pulak. The look of a pleasant surprise on his face was pretty obvious. Shortly after, he also joined me lounging in front of the TV - both dozing off to our Saturday afternoon slumber.

At about half past six, we were waken up by shrills of laughter, sweaty smells and a marathon of commentaries on how to do this kick and that punch by the two boys. Hafiz told us he had to spar with a girl and so had to let her win. Ameer was huffing & puffing at the same time, showing off his newly acquired skills.

At that moment, I knew, the lessons have begun .....


p/s Ayah... I've asked the swimming coach to text me his account number. That should spare you the hassle, as you can simply Mayban2him jer in the future .... ekekeke.... so you think you can run scott free that easily?



Hafiz, on the other hand, hmmphhh... macam itik jumpa air!!!hahahaha hafiz2. boleh bayangkan, plus hafiz show off yg ye boley brenang 0__o hahaha

aww, amegh ni comell laaa,

wanshana said...

And the running around as supir on Saturdays also begins... :)

But,'ll have some time alone with Saba every Saturday afternoon now, kan? Nice - as long as he doesn't have to go for the CSR thingy tetiap minggu lah pulak lah kan? If not, nanti ada lah pulak debate about HFR tetiap minggu...

*HFR - Hubby's Familial Responsibility :) Hehehe!

somuffins said...

Salam. TQ for the nice stories. Don't mind my asking you. Your eldest had just finished UPSR, am I right?
Quote: In my last conversation with his tuition teacher just before PMR, Mr Shan said he had never met a 12 year old quite like Abang Idin before

the principal said...

Its good u start Ameer earlier. Jgn jadi mcm I, dah 37 tahun baru nak gi swimming class; freak out jugak...& tak tidur malam bila tak boleh buat after 7th class. Now, alhamdulillah, breast stroke dah boleh, nak perfectkan je...

tireless mom said...

Hi Ibu

In your condition trying to accomplish things more than your husband, I bet the lil one in the tummy will be such a gungho baby. He/she can swim and huh hah ... tae kwon do even better than the abangs.

Mummy Rizq said...

wooo sibuknya ibu during wikens! my time will come soon...

IBU said...


I don't know how many litres of air kolam Hafiz dah telan during that 1 hour tu.... hahaha....

Amegh mmg kelakar. Smlm semangat suruh belikan goggle baru, warna kuning!!!

IBU said...


Nampak gaya like that la, supir duties under the escape line of "any other duties as & when necessary".

The plan is, after swimming, have lunch kat sekolah abg idin. Then balik, send the little 2 musketeers to TKD pulak.

Time alone with nyer, dua2 buleh tidor berdengkor depan tv.... HAHAHAHA!!!

IBU said...

Salam somuffins....

I pon SUKER muffins & cupcakes!!!! (heheh...intro jer dah melilau...)

Yes, Abang Idin is in form 1. Baru habis exam std 6 tu last year. Apa ke nama exam tu? UPSR? Ohhhhh.....ingat PMR .... peperiksaan mat romeo (jr). hahaha... apa lah ibu ni ek?

Thanks for dropping by.

IBU said...


I took up swimming lessons pun agak terlewat sudah, 10 years earlier than you in terms of relative age, i.e masa 27 thn. Kira okey la jugak masa tu, baru anak 1, badan selim lagi.

Tapi la ni malas sungguh nak membasahkan badan. I would normally just stand by the pool side, dgn sunglasses, dgn seluar roll up till the knee, cekak pinggang. Pun boleh mengeluarkan peluh.... LOL!!!

IBU said...


Hubby I ni memang sgt penyabar. I yg tak sabar dengan kesabaran dia. Sbb nanti sedar tak sedar, tau2 the kids dah nak masuk form 1 pulak. So, might as well la put things into action kan? Defer not till tomorrow what you can do today.... except of course, cooking classes for Ibu.... LOL!!!!

IBU said...

Mummy Rizq,

Yes, yes.... the time will come indeed. Stand by jer lahhhh.... Good to prepare mentally.

err... suruh Daddy Rizq prepare financially.


arsaili said...

salam...i think some people tak suka buat decision kot..ehehehe but the end of the day...someone kena tolong mengdecide on belhalf..ahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Ibu,
i'm ur silent reader, delivered my 4th 3 mths ago at 35yrs old. Tu pun dah rasa mcm nak pengsan, good luck with ur pregnancy. Abt swimming, i haven't enrolled my 9yrs old daughter, coz i malas nak jd supir, hubby pun malas....abis camno???

KC said...

dear e-boo;

where did u find the time to write long posting like this one and then somemore preggie and then somemore bibik-less...aiyahh!

tabik spring vono lah like this...*LOL*