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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ambition vs Fantasy

I received a call from Ameer's kindy Teacher today, just some updates on this & that.

BUT ...... ( there's always a but somewhere, or else why would I want to blog about it?)

She lodged her concern about Ameer's response on "what do you want to be when you grow up". Curiously enough, I asked, what was Ameer's response that she was so concern about? In my heart, nothing psychotic I hope!

Apparently, Ameer told her, he wanted to be a NINJA !!!! Oh la la.

I laughed & laughed my hearts out, leaving no airtime in between for her to continue because honestly, I thought it was so damn funny. I just couldn't help it and so indulge myself in laughing out loud (alone) for quite a while. I thought that was such a brave enough an attempt by Ameer and an honest one at it too. How many kids would actually be open enough to share their personal vision such as that. At most, it would be the well rehearsed answers as practiced at home - I want to be a teacher, police, ustazah, lawyer, accountant, doctor, architect, etc. Rarely ever - celebrity chef, hairstylist, pro footballer or Akademi Fantasia winner. And a Ninja from Rawang? Wow! That must be the first for the Teacher.

The feeling obviously was not mutual - at all! The Teacher said, even after showing pictures of various occupations to the class and what these people do, yet when she asked Ameer again, Ameer still asked how come there's no photo of a Ninja.

Suffice to say, Teacher was not happy. Teacher was concerned. Teacher was afraid that Ameer could not differentiate between reality & fantasy. Teacher wanted me (this Ibu)to help Ameer to have a better grasp of what's real and what's not.

Oh oh.... I'm in trouble. Not about Ameer's ambition. But in dealing with the expectation of the Teacher.

Hello..... Ameer just turned 5 last November. Technically therefore, he's only 5 years & 4 months young OK?. I see nothing seriously flawed with him sharing that kind of 'personal vision'. Having 3 boys of my own and several nephews & nieces of various ages, I've indeed heard of many others too that are quite not so ordinary, namely rock star, hairstylist, makeup artist, antique cars collector, professional footballer, professional boxer, F1 driver, CSI, pest controller, locksmith, Jimmy Neutron, President, Hannah Montana and Ariel (the little mermaid) to name a few. So shall I just say... heh... this types of childhood ambitions kind of 'run in the family'? hahahah..... I think that will scare the Teacher even more.

Or is it quite obvious that I am not as kiasu as some other parents ke? That's besides the point.

Seriously, I think what should interest the Teacher more was to explore & find out WHY my little Ameer wants to become a NINJA and what about NINJA that excites or inspires him? The standard questions of 4 Wives, 1 Waitress & 1 husband (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) would have done the trick, I think. KAN?

When Ameer got home from school and I asked him about the NINJA episode, of course his immediate response was to DENY. "Eh! No! Ameer dah tukar balik macam last week - Ameer nak jadi Doktor lah, tak nak jadi Ninja. Sebab Teacher kata, in gheal world, mana ada NINJA".

Sad... there is NINJA in the real world la Teacher! May be in our culture not something that we want to lure our children into BUT the fact remains, NINJAs do exist okay Teacher? Because the under world is part of the real world. But that would be too complicated to explain to Ameer right? Or you seriously don't think NINJA exist in the real world? Sigh.....

So Q & A between Ameer & Ibu ensued:

Ibu: Why do you think becoming a NINJA is exciting, Ameer?

Ameer: Because NINJA helps fight off evil people and dia protect the not so strong people tau Ibu.

Ibu: Oh.... ye ker? Macam mana dia protect other people tu?

Ameer: NINJA tu kan Ibu, dia kena practice ghajin-ghajin sampai dia kuat tau, then dia can protect other people la. And he must eat well, macam Naruto tu.

(I have no idea what Naruto eats okay?)

Ibu: Ye ker? Kenapa NINJA kena protect other people tu?

Ameer: Ibu tak tau ker? Kan ada ghamai oghang jahat kat luar. Evil. Macam kena bully ker.... So NINJA akan rescue la oghang yang kena kacau tu.

(So who says cartoon is all that bad?)

Ibu: Ohhhhh.....

Ameer: Ha! Ibu dah faham?


Ibu: Ah... yes! So, Ameer nak jadi NINJA, sebab Ameer nak protect orang baik dari orang jahat eh?

Ameer: Ya. Tapi kalau nak jadi NINJA, kena practice rajin-rajin dulu (sambil buka langkah ala-ala martial arts macam dalam Naruto tu) baru la kuat. Lepas tu baru la boleh protect orang lain.

Ibu: Ah... betul....

Ameer: Tapi sekarang Ameer dah tukar la Ibu. Cikgu kata takde sekolah ajar jadi NINJA. So now Ameer nak jadi Doktor. Macam last week yang Ameer ada cakap kat Ibu tu. Tukar jadi Doktor balik lah.

And he hurried off upstairs to change his school uniform. Quickly did his homework without being asked. So that he can have uninterrupted time to watch his latest favourite cartoon, the Tom & Jerry show. That's Ameer for you. Business first, leisure ensues. Straight A's in his monthly tests thus far, except for lukisan.

Yes... Ameer's short lived ambition involves fantasy, no doubt. But based on noble hopes & desires, isn't it? The one thing that the Teacher could have done then, had she enquired that bit further, was to help translate & guide my child to similar "peace keeping" & "protect others" kind of occupations which are more common and real (to her) than NINJA. Polis ke, askar ke, FRU ke, lawyer ke, martial arts instructor ke, Menteri Pertahanan ke, NGO activist ke, UN Envoy peace keeper ke .... whatever la... whatever "REAL" to her la kan? That would still be a better attempt than simply pouring cold water to such a noble heart desire from an innocent child.

I grew up at an era when most parents & teachers similarly expected their kids to choose the standard occupation. Careers in arts, culinary, music, literature, professional sports for example, were not only unheard of, but almost a taboo especially if they are considered "ishhh.... tak boleh, kita orang Malaysia/Melayu/Islam" or simply if it's "non-money makers".

Somehow, as a child and up till form 5, I managed to 'stray'. I always came up with the not so standard answer, from the very-very low on approval rating (perempuan joget, no kidding!) to the neutral ones (welfare officer, lawyer, lecturer, engineer - boring stuff?) and right up to the ironic ones (nuclear physicst, air stewardess - ironic because I'm not that great in maths at all for the former and bukan ler lawa, tinggi lampai & sopan santun bebeno for the latter.... hahaha). During the interview for scholarship (at age 17), I made the interviewers fell off their chair - laughing, as I told them I wanted to go to US simply because I wanted so much to go to Disneyland, nothing else. Interestingly enough, the interviewers said, I've got "personal vision", and they like.....

What I ended up as today? A career totally unheard of by my kindergarten teacher back then.

So adakah ini satu fenomena Bapak Borek, Anak Rintik? Or more appropriately, Ibu bintik-bintik, Anak polka dot?

Not quite.

I think the world today offers a lot more than the standard occupations - unimaginable years ago. And who knows what the future holds?

The challenge I offer to teachers out there; please.....


For without exploring further what's on their mind, you would hastily reach at a conclusion that is only based on half of the picture. The half that is in your mind and yours only. NOT in the mind of the person that you should be exploring further - the child, the student.

I don't mean to be overly protective - but I think a child deserves some extra time to be heard first, rather than simply to be told off.

To anak-anak Ibu, BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE so long you are happy with your choices and do your best in your chosen field (subject always to 'di jalan yang benar, halal dan baik). Bertebaran lah dimuka bumiNYA, rezeki itu ada di mana-mana, InsyaALLAH... I will pray that you will be guided, be protected, be reminded and be successful always, dunia & akhirat.



To Abang Idin, if you indeed choose that route, I don't mind getting complimentary pass to sit with the Man U players in their designated bench. Seriously.

To Hafiz, if you are still undecided which car to spare one for me from amongst all those in your future collection - berbuih dah mulut ibu cakap, I will easily settle for the Volkswagen Van okay? The ori version. Nothing more expensive.

To Ameer, the options are plenty still. No worries my boy.


Naz said...

Salam Ibu.
You nak jadi perempuan joget? Masyaallah! I bukan setakat nak jatuh kerusi, I gelak tergolek golek kat atas lantai ni!!!!
You know what? I totally support your view about teachers listening more than telling. Children must be allowed to have imagination. Oh! they will find out soon enough that being Ninja (or Ultraman, in my kid's case) is not that possible in *gheality*.
I love this piece....mucho mucho!
Take care and have a nice weekend :)

Ariffin said...

Way to go AMEER!!!
and definitely way to go IBU!!!!

Just tonight I was invited for dinner by a family friend. I got into a conversation with their daughter, and when asked she said she wants to major in psychology!
So I asked her...WHY?(First W) then followed by three more WHY before I saw a smile cracking on her face! She finally able to verbalize her true touch peoples' lives and make a difference!

Eh....are you in HR by any chance? ahaks!!

wanshana said...


Just tell the teacher to chill laaaa...

What la... Don't tell me as a kindy teacher she had not heard kids coming out with all sorts of ambitions/fantasies before this?!

You're so right about "asking, rather than telling" the kids about all these and relate it to similar professions. It is the reasons behind the child's ambition that she needs to go into and understand.

I think she needs to go through a child psychology course to really learn and be more effective as a kindy teacher. Or ke she has not heard that there is such a specialization (child psychologist) out there coz' she has only been thinking inside the 'traditional profession box' all this while?

Aiyoooo...chill la, teacher!!! Go eat some ice-cream ka? ABC ka? Ice-blended mocha ka...

As for Ameer - Cute as always :)

IBU said...

Salam Naz,

Ha'ah...Jgn tak caya, nak jadi 'pompuan joget'. The one at cabaret tu, where people have to buy ticket & present to have a dance with. Must be too much of P Ramlee movie back then. LOL!!!

Oppss.... now that I've let the cat out of the box, I might as well share this bit. We used to fun-play with pantun to get some words to rhyme with our ambitions. e.g.
Mak saya pergi pasar
Beli ikan bilis
Bila saya dah besar
Nak jadi polis

That sort. Get the drift?

And heh... I even crafted my own pantun, y'know? Ready? Here goes ...

Mak saya pergi pasar
Beli kerusi onggang ongget*
Bila saya dah besar
Nak jadi perempuan joget


* kerusi onggang ongget = rocking chair

IBU said...

Salam Bung Ariff,

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

And you did awesome for your friend's daughter, giving her opportunity to verbalise the reasons of her chosen field of study. You surely have a knack on this kind of thing.

Err... HR by any chance?

Err... I kerja kat kedai runcit bung ariff, and the most part of my job does involve looking after all the people in the whole kedai runcit chain, so that they can look after our customers.

So does that by any chance qualify me to be in sumber manusia?

IBU said...


Ekekeke.... she definitely has to chill, hopefully she doesn't choose the freezer.

This Teacher, is actually a temp replacement for Ameer's actual kindy teacher who's away attending a 3 months advance course on child education & psychology. This Teacher was formerly a primary school teacher. Then switch to Kindy for some family reasons. So I suppose dia pun tengah adapt to her new environment kot? Very good at helping the kids pick up reading & counting and all that stuff. But obviously, very factual too.

So yeah... she has some areas for development ( i.e to improve) on handling children age below 7 and understanding better how & why they think & behave the way they do.

As for Ameer, needless to say, another extended reason for him to become NINJA is to protect ANIS from evil people. Wah lau.... so hopelessly in love I tell ya.... HAHAHAHA....

p/s Awat ni sebut2 ice cream, ABC, Ice blended mocha segala. Saja nak bagi oghang terlioq. Ciss...

hazyr said...

Ayooo... that kindy teacher really need to think out-of-the-box or else we'll end up with more and more textbook kids who can't even think for themselves!

Anyway, your interview story reminded me of my own... When I applied to change my course from Engineering to Pharmacy, the officers asked why didn't I apply for Medicine instead. Dengan muka tak malunya I answered: 'Saya malas nak belajar lama2 (as in Medicine) but saya nak fly terus ke UK and taking up Pharmacy can guarantee that!'

Thank god the officers took my answer positively and they did sent me straight to London. This was during the recession period in 1996 and most of my engineering friends got stuck and had to do their first year in Malaysia!

Telling the truth does pay kan?

Ummi365 said...

Laaa.. apalah salahnya nak jadi NINJA, kan baru 5 tahun.. kids have their own fantasy kan. lagi pun itu pun yang diaorang dok tenguk kat tv.. biarkan diaorang enjoy. ish ish cikgu nih... kalau dah form 5 nak jadi ninja tu i pun worry jugak.. pegang dulu ijazah tu sebelum jadi ninja kan.

i also want to share what i wanted to be when i was young, pramugari and pragawati.. hahaha dont know why. maybe bcoz of the word "pra" "ga" sounds juicy to me at the age of 12 hahaha.

lagi satu masa kena interview kat UTM, my choice was to do architecture.. the inverviewer asked "you betul ke nak buat architecture ni, nama you dah disenaraikan untuk pergi US buat computer science." i said "oh ya ke? oklah tak nak buat architecture nak gi obersea.." boleh dak i jawab camtu.

lepas tu gi interview untuk overseas plak, yang ini for panel of sponsors lah, ada jpa, mara, petronas, LLN (then) and entah apa lagi tak ingat. "kenapa you nak pergi US. " i jawab.. "sebab my cousin semua kat sana i want to join them.". hahahah.. tak tergelak semua orang. dah 18 tu masih tak ada vision..

nasib baik petronas nak sponsor hahaha..

yesterday i was telling the children la ni tak macam dulu, buleh pilih mana uni nak pi, sekarang uni pilih u tau..

sorrylah ibu, terpanjang pulak cerita. naik sheikh tu..hahaha

Pi Bani said...

Ish... budak 5 tahun cita-cita nak jadi ninja pun cikgu tu risau? Amende laa. Kalau Ameer kata nak jadi politician, then she should worry! Hehehe...

MrsNordin said...

You sure are very free, kan? Panjang posting ni, unlike your usual entries. Good!

That's very cute. A Ninja. And I agree, the teacher should have entertained the boy and his wild imagination instead of shutting it down totally (and calling you some more!). He's just a kid... he'll have so many other ambitions later on in life. There's nothing to worry about lah, teacher.

If she had asked my boy, he would have said, "Nak jadi Ultraman!" Lagi haru!

p/s You don't know what Naruto eats? I don't either, but perhaps Nizzar can help. According to him, Ultraman suka makan ayam and Monster makan nasi! Hee.. hee...!

Have a nice day!

Ayah said...

kadang cita-cita anak-anak mungkin hasil dari impian ibu-BAPA yang tak kesampaian... belaar tae-kwon-do segala...

IBU said...


Howdy? Long time no hear.

Oh no... the textbook mentality. That's a real scare to me. It's a comfort zone to a lot of parents, teaches & students - solely for getting good grades and just that, nothing else beyond. Susah ler tu macam.

Your interview story ... hahaha... memang sah there are plenty of muka tak malu amongst us from that school la gamak nya?! Main redah jer. Okay what eh? hehehe...

Glad the interviewers realised that the TRUTH was out there, not in the textbook!


IBU said...


Wah of the "pra" "ga" jugak ni... hehehe....

Awatnya x de vision - to join cousins kat obersea? Isn't that a calling - terpanggil to follow the footsteps of success stories. Vision jugak lah tu. And the ever-so-wise Petronas must have remembered - the more the merrier! Yeay!!!!

p/s dah lama x dengar 'naik sheih'! hahahah.... it's fine with me, naik-naik, sila naik, no problemo.

IBU said...

Kak Pi...

hahaha.. how timely. especially kalau kata nak jadi wakil rakyat negeri peghak? hmm..blom tentu menjamin masa depan tu! ooooppsss....

To be honest, the thought of you did crop into my mind as I was writing this entry. A living example of one of those noble voluntary 'occupations' (ye la.. it keeps you fully occupied!) of sheltering the good from the evil.

Thanks for the dropping by!

IBU said...


Spot on - very free. My fingers hit the keyboard circa midnite, only after the boys have gone into slumberland. Baru ler very free. And when touching on a 'story' that is so close to the heart, I can't help control the creative juice flowing. hehehe...

Actually, I think it's quite a good thing she called. Because it provided me with an opportunity to shed some some doubts off her mind - coz I did share - yes, all my children are very imaginative indeed; Hafiz had a talking finger, Abang Idin wanted to become a professional footballer, and I added, "And you wouldn't want to know what my childhood ambition was - you surely wouldn't approve!". hehehe..... that sort of melted her frozen attitude towards occupation a bit as she started to laugh a bit.

And ultraman.. definitely one of the best choice for Nizar (for now!). Of course what... survived over so many years and still a sell out? Kalah sesamee street idols tuh!! Some more now have varieties....

p/s I now know what Naruto loves. MILK!!! Bagus....

IBU said...


hahaha... now that u've mentioned that... ya jugak kot ek? So betul la bapak borek, anak polka dot tuh. He (my Ayah) used to hog Alam Perwira bagai nak rak!

p/s Abang Idin would be going for his black belt grading in a few more months ...

Naz said...

I nak tergelak baca your respond to my comment. I went around my kampung singing this (LOUD!):
hello hello sayang
bulu ketiak panjang
nak potong sayang
I must be around 5.
Nasib baik bakat tu tak dapat kat anak anak I :D

Akmal said...

hi ibu :D
kanak-kanak 5 tahun ni, jangan dibuat main diorang punya imaginasi :)
it must be really cool for amir, having a mum that really listen to what he want to say :)


hi Busu,
eish, AMER tu comel gila laa! Nak jadi Ninja:D hahaha ouh amer nak jadi macam naruto yg selalu makan... abin kata "ramen" :DD LOL. btw, jadi ninja kat bestttt hahaha
cute lil amerrudin:)

Waterlily said...

Hello Ibu :-)

Being receptive of your views, I think ada hope lagi la the teacher sure her intention was good, cuma her perceptions ada slanted sikit :-)

I asked my 5 yo about his ambition and he just blinked at me several times. I asked my 4 yo, she said nak jadi powerpuff girl (i'd like to think that she wants to help the unfortunates and not get the kick out of kicking arses around!). My 12 yo? His ambitions changed so many times I lost track how many of them already - from nak jadi askar, to musician, to doctor (ni mak dia ajar dia..heheheh..) and to be a professional chef. Just now I asked him, he said..'tak tau, nanti Syafiq fikir nak jadi apa..' should I get worried?

Anyway - you stay well ok! and congrats too. :-)

IBU said...

wah... hahaha... buat solo or group tour keliling kampung tu?

p/s errr... by now, dah potong blom bulu ketiak yg pnjg tu? ekekeke

IBU said...


ehehehe... dia tu seangkatan dengan cousin dia sorang tu, nak jadi Jimmy Neutron. and eh? bukan lagi duorang tu siap mohon doa lepas solat nak jadi mermaids ker? akakakaka....

dah ku kata - it runs in d family!!

IBU said...

Hi Akmal,

Cuti lagi ker? Susah lorrr nak leave a comment in your new blog format tu... err. kasihan la mokcik sorang ni, tak berapa IT savvy....ekeke...

As for listening to Ameer... it's the least that I must try. Listen la kan? but necessarily indulge all his whims & fancies. Part tu Ameer selalu komplen, u r so not cool la Ibu! hai...budak 5 tahun pun dah pandai komplen!!

U take care!

IBU said...


oh lama sungguh tak dengar/baca berita. why la cannot access your blog now?

oh well... Abg Idin pun cam tu jugak. First "nak jadi macam Ayah" - pakai tie, pergi kerja, ada kereta, weekend main golf. aiyayaya.... then doctor, then pest controller (uh?!), then pilot (before dia realise dia gayat), then rock star, then pro footballer. The last one tu, when I asked why - he said, "I'll make more money than a doctor and I'll get paid for playing!" hmmmm..... pandai menjawab u...ikut sapa tu?

So no worries la. But we do have to instill in them early, that they must have personal vision la. Set their goals early. Arah tuju tu penting.

Sekian hujah saya. akakaka...


siti aisyahh said...

yo Ibu ;)

hahaha..apalahh cikgu Ameer tu..very the tk fun taw...bila baca blog busu ni teringat lak zaman2 aisya time drjh 1 dulu..

time exam;

ada satu soalan : semasa kecil saya berenang, bila dh besar saya terbang dan hisap darah, siapakah saya?

my answer was : Drakula.

hehehe..mmg dah keturunan lahh kuat twu gene dr nenek/atuk? :p

hehehe ;D funny la..

gate cun sgt :) ok t aisyh upload phtoto tu ;)

D.N.A.S said...

Both my sons nak jadi professional footballer macam Steven Gerrard. Last year, both of them nak jadi askar. Let's wait for next year pulak. Harap-harap both of them decide nak jadi ustaz... aaaamiiiiin.

arsaili said... is where childhood education trainning for cikgu tadika is important...budak2 up to 8 years old are at the most vulnerable stages in life

MA and Brood said...

So comel la Ammer nak jadi Ninja. Haha...

One relative who was a teacher related this story to me masa nak isi Borang 001/002 once upon a time dulu. She was teaching in some remote area (near some estate).

Cikgu : Bila dah besar awak nak jadi apa?

Indian Student : Saya mao jadi RAJA.

tireless mom said...

Dear Ibu

Please tell Ameer he can keep his Ninja ambition although he finally becomes a teacher, police, ustazah, lawyer, accountant, doctor or architect, because Ninja is helpful enough when he becomes one of those. It works for me. I practise Ninja, karate and at times taichi.

Dad of 4+1 said...

He he he...I remember the nuclear physicist bit...It's immortalised somewhere. Must dig out my box of khazanah sekolah... ; )!

My Ibraheem nak jadik Ustaz....!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ibu, waaa, anak nak jadi Ninja, ha ha.
As long not Ninjalogy....
Have fun and keep well Ibu, Lee.

IBU said...

Aisyah ....

How can I forget? But u actually answered, " DARAKULA " !!!


Love u lots, kiddo!

IBU said...


Both ambitions also very good. Pro footballer, don't play-play.... Ustaz? Don't pray-pray.... hahaha...

All d best to you & the boys!

IBU said...


I like your twist! hahaha.... pencak silat jer belum buka langkah yer?

IBU said...

Dad of 5

Immortalised? ahahahaha..... malunyer I!

btw, if you manage to find a copy, can u loan me temporarily? I want to make a color copy for my keepsake too. My ori version gone, termite infestation at our once-upon-a-time rented place when I first got married. sigh....

All the best to Ib!

IBU said...


Alamak...if it's ur version of Ninjalogy, dont want laaaa.... susah hati Ibu ni.

jabishah said...

Hi Ibu,

Hmmm... a ninja? Interesting, very creative indeed. ;-)

I assume the teacher is young & has no kids of her own. It will be good for you to voice your concern over her "teaching" in person. Perhaps to the principal. Make it sound positive, not that you are intimidating her. After all we go through the process of learning daily.

On top of that, the teachers will pay extra attention to Ameer's well being. Trust me. Been there, done that. Hehehe... I kan tak kerja, so suka je show my concern over the kindy. But now in sek. keb. I rather be a little bit mellow.

As for me, my girls are not familiar with this ninja, ultraman & seangkatannya. Once asked my 2nd girl when she was smaller, she confidently answered "I want to be a princess...". OK... But yg tak tahan tu, my eldest a long time ago chose to be like ME. "I want to be like you mama. Tak kerja, duduk rumah & take care of the children".Eeergh!

Take care.

Eta My said...

Eboo...hatiku cair melihat senyumannya itu...

p/s:...tak de costume ninja kah?...

(my 3rd gal wants to just be a me.....alamak ja....!!)

ms hart said...

Oh Ibuuuuuu...(to the tune of that Exist's song, ok) Ameer mu itu sungguh adorable and charming se-charming-charmingnya!! Kalau jadi Ninja, haGHus aunty beli segala patung ninja tu buat collection!!! huahaha

Ibu dah sihat?

IBU said...


To the contrary, the teacher does indeed have children of her own. Just that dia ni dulu was a primary school teacher, before joining the Kindy business. So all the very serious stuff already la.

The principal on the other hand, was very supportive. Even shared her own daughter wanted to become Hannah Montana, then changed to become hairstylist. And she said to her, "it's ok as long as you be the best at whatever you do".

What a world of difference kan?

IBU said...


Senyumannya memang biasa buat ramai orang cair. Wait till you meet him in person. Future heart breaker nih!

A homemaker is the toughest job of all la Eta oiii!! My salute to you!


IBU said...

Ohhhh Ms Hart ( similar tune ...) hehehe...

Alhamdulillah, getting much better. Just miserably bored staying at home. Nak keluar tak buleh!

Ameer itew, memang comey, thanks. Tapi... dia dah ada girlfren tau!!! hehehe

akusue said...

yeayhhhhh ninja is rock!!!!! haha..lagi satu samurai.mcm hang tuah a, superhero melayu.

buat cikgu ameer..kalau anda tidak kreatif jgn sekat org lain utk jadi kreatif.wink.

saya suka n3 ini =)