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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pencil Tekan

One of my usual morning routines involves getting Ameer ready for school - bathe him, watch him brush his teeth, dry him up, dress up & 'after bath' hugs & kisses on the cheeks.

After moving to Emerald, my mornings have become less stressful because I no longer have to redah the downtown traffic jam to get to the toll/highway. That alone is a saving of at least 30 mins.

So, while the morning routines are the same, the quality of delivering those routines have greatly improved. I can even sip my morning coffee calmly at the kitchen deck, observing the neighbourhood surrounding and watching Ameer playing with the kittens at the same time too! Cool .....

Quite simply - I don't feel rushed in the morning like before!

That is good.

Now that I have extra 30 mins in the morning, maybe I should start exercising before I go to work? Hmmm... maybe.... maybe :D

Anyway... I digressed.

Yesterday, after helping Ameer get ready for school, the coffee, the kittens, I went downstairs (yeah...our kitchen is "upstairs" !) followed by Ameer from behind. Normally, he would watch cartoons while waiting for his teacher to pick him up. Somehow yesterday, he just followed me and just stood watching me picking up my handbags and this and that.

I asked him, "Ameer tak tengok kartun?"

He replied, "Ameer nak pencil tekan".
Short & crisp, but looking up to me with a pair of hopeful eyes like a puppy from the pet shop window.

Pandai budak ni nak psycho ibu dia, but I thought rationally ... heyyy... berapa banyak pencil daaaa.... the one box each should be more than sufficient to last 6 months ( no joke ok? not one, two or three pencils, but one box each!)

"Ameer kan dah ada banyak pencils. Why do u want a pencil tekan? Besides, susah tau nak masukkan pencil leads tu dalam pencil tekan ".

He started frowning.

Alamak... takkan pagi2 dah nak start sandiwara kot? Ni yg tak syiok nih.

He replied softly, "Ameer nak pencil tekan. Abang Hafiz tak bagi pinjam dia punya. Dia kata nanti Ameer rosak kan. Ameer tak nak rosakkan. Ameer nak pinjam ajer. Tapi Abang Hafiz tak nak bagi pinjam". And he said this with his eyes looking down at the floor - reminded me of a scene of a convict pleading for lenier punishment in court.

"Oh ye ker? Kesian Ameer....", memang pandai pyscho budak ni.

There is plenty of pencils of all sorts at the "shop" near where I work. I could grab one in a jiffy I'm sure. But heyyy.... I was not about to give in so easy ok?

So I tried another rationale,
"Tapi kan Ameer... Ibu dah beli baaaaaaanyyak pencil untuk Ameer haritu kan?"


"So.... duit ibu dah tinggal sikit dah ..... tak cukup nak beli pencil tekan".

Ameer kept quite for a while. Then he said,
"Ok lah Ibu. Sorry Ibu".

Oh! That was fast! An early victory for Ibu I thought. Good for me!

Then we hugged as usual. I love you. I love you too. I miss you. I miss you too. And he salam & kiss my hand. Then Ameer walked slowly into the TV room adjacent to the main door to get his morning dose of cartoons. Phewww..... I put on my shoes, grabbed my bags, checked if my handphone & car keys were in there and picked up my notebook bag.

Just as I was about to walk to the car, Ameer shouted from inside the TV room,
"Wait Ibu. Wait!"

Apa pulak lah lagi?

I poke my head inside and saw Ameer dragging his school bag out from the TV room. He put the bag right infront me and he started rummaging through his bag pockets, left, right, inside, out. I had no clue what was going on.

Hmmm... I came home late the night before and didn't get the chance to see his school work. Maybe he wanted to show me his drawing, I thought.

Suddenly Ameer said, "Ah! Dah jumpa! "

Then he stood up, opened up his small palm for me and asked,
"Ibu, is this enough?"

Staring blankly into my eyes were three shiny 20 cents coins.

"Cukup tak duit circle-circle ni untuk beli pencil tekan, Ibu?" he asked innocently.

I felt a lump in my throat. I just stared at the three 20 cents coins (duit circle-circle to Ameer) and Ameer's hopeful face interchangeably.

"Ibu boleh guna duit ni untuk beli pencil tekan untuk Ameer. Please Ibu?", he pleaded.

I had to hold back my tears - which I'm very good at.

I think Ameer really wanted a pencil tekan.

That's Ameer for you.




Ayah said...

tu la kadang-kadang kita nak sangat mereka patuh kepada kita punya peraturan ... kadang kita terlupa bahawa mereka jua anak-anak yang belum sangat mengenal dunia dan peraturan seperti kita....

Madam Tai Tai said...

That brought tears to my eyes, really.

I hope Ibu will tambah sikit lagi duit circle-circle so that Ameer will get his pencil tekan today. :-)

You've got one determined young boy there, Ibu!

ADIEJIN said...

sigh..budak sekarang...

wanshana said...

Alahai ibu... Sayunyer I!

Bergenang air mata...


Adzrul Ariff said...

Mmg dia nak sngt pensel tekan tu... Last2 Ibu beli tak kat dia?

Anonymous said...

Ibu,lucu mengenangkan kebijaksanaan Ameer! I'm not working and bila tak cukup duit to splurge like you all my working friends (I envy all of you)I rasa nak pegi kerje, when I asked my daughter whether I can go to work to get some money she said no and later gave me a lot of one cent coints from her tabung! Thats really kesian , not to my little girl but to myself!!!

azizul kamaruzaman. said...

dolu-dolu when i was young, nak minta bonda colour pencil pong x dapat. woahhhh! lucky ameer has such a wonderful mother. mother saya seorang yang suka scream. any tips to overcome it? hihi ;pp

simah said...


Kmar said...


He is so sweet!! I bet dia mesti siap bermimpikan ´pensil tekan´. Memang dah nak sangat la tu!!

Pi Bani said...

You eventually lost the psycho war, didn't you? :)

wan said...

Oh pity Ameer, hope he gets him pensel tekan already :)

hazyr said...

I have LOTS to learn from your Ameer ;)

MrsNordin said...

Ameer, kalau Ibu tak nak belikan pensil tekan2 tu, meh sini aunty beli kan!

Helena said...

cutenya..... hehe

ibu.... kena jaga2 kalau ameer dpt pensil tekan tu.... sebab bahaya.... kat most schools pun kena banned kan....

tapi memang senang sebab takyah sharp.... hehe

kc said...

they sure know how to pull yr heart string don't they? sigh...

IBU said...


Sekadar berlandaskan pesanan, 'kalau hendak melentur buluh...' :)

Madam Tai-Tai,

Kalau ikut his choice of pencil tekan, kena tambah banyyyaaakkk duit circle-circle. LOL!! Yup, a very determined boy this one. Tengoklah esok2 kalau dia nak ngorat girls pulak macam mana.


Tu lah kan.... ibu dulu ambik minor in pyschology jer. Ni baru kindergarten dah pakar!!

IBU said...


Sayu? Ala... takkan rasa jer sayu... alang-alang kan lah sebatang dua pencil tekan! hehehe


Thanks for dropping by.

Last2 ? Hmmm.... Ni baru beginning jer ni.


Oh! That's even sweeter you!! I would prefer that anytime to " ibu pegi lah kerja, nanti bawak balik duit byk so that boleh beli present". Aiyooo.....

IBU said...


Not sure if Ameer is that lucky. Ibu belum cerita pun beli ke tidak pencil tekan tu... hehehe...

Your mom loves screaming?!! Hey... I wanna be frens with her then! Hahahaha .....


Hmm.. x dapat dinafikan.

IBU said...


Mimpi pencil tekan?! Whoaaahahaha..... Hmm.... nanti I tanya Ameer. Berapa banyak duit circle-circle you nak bet?!

Kak Pi,

Heh... Pandai jer Kak Pi nak "the end" kat this story. Tunggguuu....


Thanks for dropping by. Kesian kat Ameer jer ke? Tak kesian kat Ibu? Dalam purse Ibu pun tinggal duit circle-circle jer... sob!sob!

IBU said...


Tu lah.... kecil jgn disangka anak!

Mrs Nordin,

Ohhhh... kecik tapak tangan, parking lot Tesco ibu & Ameer tadahkan! err... nak address ker? you nak hantar by ordinary mail ker atau courier service? heheh!!


Tu lah... tapi x faham lah why some schools ban the pencil? Safety reason ker?

IBU said...


As Adiejin said.... sigh.. budak zaman sekarang.

Tapi ibu punya heart strings pun dah banyak putus asyik kena pulled ajer by my 3 boys!!

Zalina said...

Amir is really a good boy
Brought tears to my eyes looking at his smiling face.. ( i have a little boy too....) and i guess i'd give in and buy his pencil tekan tekan in the end....

ila de cute said...

huhuhu... sob sob.... really brought tears...sedih nya...

ameer bijak...hope my syahmi will be bijak lik eyour ameer...

mott said...

Aww...that is so sweet of him...

Usually, my boys will tell me, "If mama can't buy, it's ok, Papa can buy".

*slaps forehead*