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Saturday, May 10, 2008

NS camp tragedy: One too many

As the mood of Mother's Day lingers in the air, I can't help but feel very sad and sorry for the family of Hui Min, the latest casualty of poor health & safety administration at the National Service camp.

The scalding of Ameer's right thumb due to hot water spill a few weeks ago was enough to choke and haunt me. On the day the incident happened, I stayed half awake all night through, physically blowing his already bandaged thumb but emotionally feeling guilty for what happened to my baby and worried sick about his recovery.

Imagine how Hui Man's mother was feeling?

Waited for her 7As daughter to come home from NS camp to commence her Form 6, but was greeted with her lifeless body instead. Gruesome.

And all the Datuk could say .... 'She might have been suffering from it for a long time and did not know about it until her death'. And of course they are not going to scrap it just because one or two deaths only.

Just because one or two deaths only?

Just because?

One or two only?

I don't care lah who's in charge, under which ministry, but 16 deaths over a span of 4 years? That's apalling statistically! And horrifying ethically!!

This latest fatal incident is an outright negligence by the NS authorities. Eh! No. It should be gross negligence. Yeah..yeah... yeah..... siasatan, siasatan, siasatan. Cut the crap and just admit it lah!! At the very least, be compassionate about it - say sorry & show your remorse. And if you are not going to scrape this whole thing - then for goodness sake, take the next steps to close the gap fast & furiously.

Aiyoyoooo.... only now they are talking about getting NIOSH certification? If this happened at the workplace, employers would have been taken to task within days - slapped with summons, compounds, imprisonment. If this happened in school hostels, the caterers and the school administration would be grilled alfresco.

But for the NS authorities?'s just one or two only - what's the big deal. Goshhh.... can you pls wash your mouth with chlorox arr Datuk?

Sigh... bila cakap banyak2, they say bloggers... itulah kerja diorang, exaggerating the truths.

Exaggerating eh?

HALLLOOOOO!!! Can we borrow your sons and daughters pls? Meh sini makan sama2 chicken rice tuh? Meh sini sama2 wait in line to be sent to the clinic? Meh sini duduk sebelah and join the joy ride of waiting for timely proper medical treatment? And if something serious happens to your sons or daughters, simply welcome the response of "oh... she might have had it before but did not know about it" and "ohh.... just one or two children of the many orang besar, no problem... we have room for more, let's just get on with it" with big round of applause pls, will you? Would you? ANSWER ME, YOU HEARTLESS MORON!!

Don't talk about NS camp lahhh... the primary and secondary schools pun you orang avoid kan? Almost all are sent to private or international schools. Some send overseas terus. And you expect all of us mothers to stay calm and collected and be happy with the condition that you put our children through at the schools and NS camps? %$@# *&$!(**>( !!!

(Have I not controlled my fingers, you would have seen all the toot...toot words appearing after the last sentence!)

When you take custody of our children for that short period, you are to assume full responsibility of their health & welfare. The signature that we pen down (or going to pen down 8 years from today) on the consent form, doesn't absolve YOU of the accountability of ill administration by the people who report to you. You should be jointly and severally liable for what happen to our children! The failure to ensure that trainees are rendered expedient medical attention when the need arises is a gross negligence of duty and that, from the opinion of this ibu, can tantamount to a breach of trust that all the ibu-ibu have entrusted upon you.

From the eyes of an ibu,

To all mothers out there, selamat hari kita.



simah said...

...this is pure pain.....beyond description....condolences to the family...i seriously hope they will get to the bottom of this soon..soo sad... the family must in terrible pain right now...

on another note...akak..will saturday 14th be ok? should i announce it in my blog to contact u for the bbq or something? saba bagi kebenaran tak nak buat BBQ ni? klu jadi..i volunteer halil suruh kipas! hhhhh (selalunya kat sapanca..dia turn on kan hair dryer ja..i can sponsor hair dryer hahahah) next to apple tree..akak nak apa lagi...

wanshana said...

You took every single word of my mouth, my friend...

But, can I just add a bit more, please?

"*^%#$@$#@)(%#?#%%#!!@%#@!**%,(20x) you insensitive, heartless, P*ghead big time MORON!!!"

Sekian, terima kasih.

ms hart said...

Salam Ibu, not the first time here, but first time to leave a print because I want to thank you for saying it ALL out on behalf of us, mothers. We were talking about this angrily in the office...soooo kek-sim, sooooo sakit hati. Good for the moron, free-free dah kena *#@%^&#@*&^%#@...

"Selamat Hari kita" - I like...!! Same to you, Ibu!!

azizul kamaruzaman. said...

well, NS is a big issue. remaja kene paksa pergi. circumstance's victim sebenarnya! *sigh* hopefully x kene tahun depan!

mad redo1 said...

hear ye, hear ye!


hear ye, hear ye!

hazyr said...


Engkaulah ratu hati ku... :)

Selamat Hari Ibu, IBU!

p/s you're spot-on on the NS saga..

Mummy Rizq said...

helo ibu.. lama tak kesini..

yea lah.. too many tragedies happening dekat camp tu kan... kesian kat parents..

azizul kamaruzaman. said...

sebetulnya saya bukanlah berada dalam mana pihak. ahaha, saya sukakan wang, ibu juakan? ahahaha.

bu, saya malaysianla! hahaha, blogging untuk suka-suka express feeling kepada yang ketidakpuashatiaan. hahaha.

ibu, ibu ni rockla!

azizul kamaruzaman. said...

walaupun bagaimana pon ibu saya tetap tergelak ketika terbaca komen ibu. hahahaaaaa =))

selamat hari ibu ya ibu!! dan ibu-ibu lain!

ibu apa khabar? hihi ;pp

Queen Of The House said...

I seriously am not looking forward to the time my children reach that age - takut kena attend PLKN. My eldest escaped, because she's in special ed.

Anyway, you said it all. I hope THEY whoever they are, buka mata soon. Cukuplah tidur setakat ni.

Mat Salo said...


So sorry to hear about Ameer's thumb. Hope it has healed by now. Thanks for the B'day wishes for my 'princess' okay? I'll let her know. Yeah, right. He-he...

I think it easy for the ministers to you said... their children are safely ensconced elsewhere...

IBU said...


They'd better get to the bottom of this, or they'll end bottom up!!

Kita pun buat announcement sama lah!


Uish... banyak toot..toot..toot... tuh!! Hahaha ....

IBU said...

Ms Hart,

Thank u for dropping by. Such a pleasure to have u here. And yeah ... memang nak bagi they all tu all the toot-toot words FOC !! Rela!! :D

Mat Redo1

I rest my case, tenkiu :P Thanks for dropping by!

IBU said...


Kenapa x nak pegi? Pegi lah, dapat baju celorat celoreng warna biru free. hehehe....

ibu suka uang. especially uang Ayah! Hahaha!!!


IBU said...

Dear Hazyr,

Tu lah... tak dapat jadi ratu Dunia, ratu Malaysia, not even ratu Rawang. Tapi ratu hati Ameer, Hafiz & Idin?!! Oh! More rewarding indeed.... Thanks for the wish.

As for NS, 20 yrs ago (uih ... tuanya rasa!) I dah "bangkang" national service. Successful then. It was during Tun's era back then.

IBU said...

Dear Queen,

Sama lah kita, risau jer rasa. I think the way they deliver the program brings more concerns than benefits.

Jom kita pi cari anak mancis and bagi bukak mata they all tu semua :D

Salam Mat,

Ameer thumb & backhand is getting better. Children's expedient recovery is amazing!! Tapi banyak tampal plaster kat tempat lain pulak. Jatuh lah, kena dinding la, kena cakar kucing lah... ingat Ibu dia tokey factory handyplast aperr??!!

As for the ministers, the day they are willing to shake out of their comfort zone seem so remote! cakap tak serupa bikin.

kc said...

unta baral punyer minister! haah! ni betul2 kaw2 punye toot words from moi..grrrr!

happy belated mothers day to ibu