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Monday, May 12, 2008

BBQ & Makan-makan

Kepingin BBQ bersama fellow blogger dari Istanbul?

Pencil this in your calendar:

Day/Date: Saturday, 14th June, 2008

Venue: Kota Emerald, Rawang

Time: Petang2 .... exact time to be confirmed.

Guests of Honor: Simah & Halil, all the way from Istanbul !!!

To all those who know Simah, why not make this date a memorable one? Come join us and let's get together-gether over makan-makan. To those who do not know Simah yet, hey.... this is the opportunity get to know her then.

But... but... but..... be alerted...... oleh kerana Ibu ni kurang pandai memasak (Ayah would disagree completely - he would say totally hopeless and tak pandai masak langsung!! Sigh.....), the main menu would therefore be......

BBQ laaaaaa!! Marinate over nite, then bakar jerr ... kan senang? hehehe.....

Sila, sila... don't be shy - this is the time to get to know Simah up close & personal, learn about her cinta 2 benua (kot2 la boleh buat skrip drama/filem? tak ker huntung tuh?) and how this Malaysian lass has survived being on foreign soil that she now calls it her home too.

Pot luck ker? Hmmm.. ntah lah. Datang lenggang kangkung pun tak per. Janji sudi makan BBQ yg ibu buat tu (pssstt..... standby eno pencuci perut?! LOL!!!). Kalau nak bawak periuk beruntung pun, ok jugak... hehehe....

Those interested, pls can you email me at and I'll send you further update in due course.



p/s Peringatan kepada yg ada anak2 lelaki - itu Hatice, anak Simah, ibu dah booked! hehehehhh..


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha cant stop laughing over that lil peringatan! hahahahha
iyea la.. main l pus puas dengan anak angkat awak tu akak.. :0)

am totally EXC─░TED too!! THanks for this BBQ akak...our thanks to Saba for the permission ... nnti kita jumpa insyaAllah...


U.Lee said...

Ibu, wow! Simah and Halil balek kampong? OUTSTANDING!
Ibu, do me a favour, please convey my very best regards and wishes to Simah and Hilil.
Have fun and good times to all of you.
Best wishes from Uncle, Canada, Lee.

Kmar said...

I like Istanbul very much. Nice place to visit.

Just can´t get enough of the bazaar.. he.he.he...

pakpayne said...

:-) ibu...

super!! - of u to be doing something like this to welcome simah, halil dan anak2 back to kampung.
i would definitely be there.......if...i ada di malaysia lah. satunya of course nak jumpa simah - a lovely lovely lady, a more than able ambassador of malaysia to istanbul!
keduanya, ada peluang ni nak ke rumah ibu, siap makan makan lagi!
but alas....hanya salam yang boleh saya kirim!!