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Saturday, December 08, 2007

There's still tomorrow

With much excitement each one volunteered

Hafiz: "Patricia !"

Ameer: "Nasya !!"

Abang Idin: "Siti Rooney !!!"

It was very heartwarming that all of you my boys thought of a girl's name for the baby. For once you were all unanimous that it should be a baby girl.

Hafiz, Ibu will have to check if there is a meaningful arabic equivalent of Patricia, ok?

Ameer, I wonder how you knew such a name? Did any of Ayah's friends or my friends' hubbies have anything to do with this choice of name?

Abang Idin, Siti maybe; similar to your cousins in JB. But Rooney? hmmm ... not likely I think.

Thank you my boys for suggesting those lovely names.

For the time being, Ibu will KIV them first ok?

Hopefully we will retrieve this posting again in the near future for practical reference, insyaAllah.

Meanwhile, Ibu need to recline deep into sleep to prepare for tomorrow's procedure.

Good nite all.


MA & Brood said...


So sorry to hear about your loss. Rest well and Insya Allah, next rezeki would be yours.

idham said...

dear ibu....and ayah too ,

so sorry with the news. but as u said, He knows best.

insyAAllah....the best is yet to come.

ps: in 2004, we lost 'adik luqman when ....about 2 months old' ...


mamalisa said...

salam kak,

So sorry for the loss. We in same condition..saya lagi sedih kak, it was abt 37 weeks already :(

take care ok.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Ibu,

My deepest condolences to you and hubby...I am sure the little one knew she was much loved and wanted...

Please tumpang lalu to Mamalisa: Condolences to you and hubby for your loss too...

*Hugs* to both of you...

Take care...

Helena said...

Good to see that you are able to talk about it..... very healthy indeed....

takpe ibu.... ada rezeki tak kemana.... *hugs*

Kmar said...

So sorry to hear about the news. I just happened to read your Blog (which I seldom does...). Termimpi kan you last week. Just hold on tight and be strong. It´s hard.

Kmar said...

So sorry about your loss. I dreamt of you last week. I happened to read your Blog today (which I seldom does). Just hold on tight, be strong and do remember everything come with God´s will. Take a good care of yourself, ok?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


setiap kejadian mempunyai hikmahnya tersendiri. begitulah yang dijanjikanNya. saya tulis bukan sekadar demi menyejukkan hati Ibu sahaja tapi sebagai seorang yang pernah mengalami trajedi hidup itu sendiri. setiap bisik yang masuk ke telinga adalah ayat yang sama ditulis diatas, ada hikmah di sebalik apa jua kejadian. Allah maha kaya. hikmah tetap akan kunjung tiba, cepat atau lambat. saya tidak akan tulis demikian jika ia tiada kebenaran. komen ini ditulis 1% dengan jari-jemari dan selebihnya dari...hati.

salam pada ayah.

kc said...

on a cheery note;

siti rooney is not such a bad name. if u donch want this name, i'll take it (sheepish...)

on a normal level note;

take care and have plenty of rest!

hazyr said...


take care sis!

sayang ummi said...

Dear Ibu,

I am so sorry to hear this news. My prayers to you and the family. InsyaAllah, there's always a resaon to all that happens to us. Sad it may be but allah knows best. Take care of your health following the procedure. I'll be praying for you.

sYaNa said...

Ibu :o)

Rest well & take care, ok. InsyaAllah ada rezeki :o)