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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm not about to write on the latest hit from Linkin Park "What I've Done" ( Abang Idin... if that's what you think!)

But really... oh! I hit that new template button and my good old right side bar is gone in a blink!

Gatai sangat tangan ... hah, rasakan. Sigh....

Tapi kan, perhaps this "technical mishap" is a blessing in disguise - now with new links, photos, advert, etc, etc ... a small fraction of "penghijrahan" as suggested by kawan Ayah who's also an Ayah.

Whaddaya think?


Mat Salo said...

I like the look laa.. I've been meaning to change mine tapi takut hilang all that links and stuff. It's supossed to be easy, but never so, kan? I'm honored you linked mine to yours, I've already added yours to mine sometime back..

I'm always screwing up Kak Ena's address, ha-ha. Hope she doesn't mind. Sometimes I even point to the wrong hyper-link... Sheesh.

Hmmm budak kolek (some at least) tak makan saman... heh. Seriously next on the agenda: Berhenti merokok. Bila ya?

Thanks for dropping by, 'Bu.

ADIEJIN said...

Salam Ibu..Thanks 4 dropping by at my blog. Buat kopi ker milo cepat.. Kami datang bertandang ni..

Goreng mihun ker sikit.. lapar.

IBU said...

Mat Salo,
Tenkiu, tenkiu ... memang la troublesome at first, to copy & paste the links all over again. But once done, eh...sonang la pulak nak nokok tambah yg lain.

That guy in the pic dok pegang guitar tu, is that you? WOHOHO .... ala-ala Elvis gitu!

IBU said...

Tenkiu for dropping by.
Milo takde, but Dutch Lady 456 Chocolate flavour ada. Nak ke?

Mihun tu....err.. nanti I order kat Ali Maju eh? Hehehe....

U.Lee said...

Hello Ibu, Idiejin nak Milo atau kopi. Saya nak iced kopi, boleh? And dua donuts? Tada donuts, goreng pisang pun boleh. Ha ha. Wa, dia nak mee hoon pun lagi? Terok ni oi! Ha ha.
Ibu, yes, I checked out that site you mentioned, wallpapers...wa, I pun terperanjat.
Baik pun wallpapers, bukan some ahemmm, other kind of girl pictures. Not good for my heart, tersedak nanti. Arhaaa ha ha.
Wa, I tengok your gambars of Istanbul, I love the bridge, I bring my fishing rod bila I pergi Istanbul, ya. Istanbul so beautiful, so exotic. I love the buses too.
Wa, you love fishing too?Young days I went with my Malay friends to padi fields tangkup ikan puyu, haruan.
You keep well, Ibu. Chepat buat Milo for Idiejin. UL.

IBU said...


Up so early?! Oh yes... early birds get the worms. Pity the worms though, no one ever thought about them!

In case you & adiejin miss to read 'about me', here let me copy & paste for your reading pleasure:

"A pleasantly insane working mother of three who kisses & hugs her sons & 'Ayah' better than she cooks :D "

Yes I love fishing ... but I do fishing at Tesco only la U.Lee. Haha... save me all the trouble!


ADIEJIN said...

Ibu..Ice coffee mana ? U. Lee sudah lama tunggu lah.

IBU said...

Weiii Adiejin,

Neslo ais, neslo ais! Bukan kopi ais. Cuba suruh farah buat, sedaaaapppp..... Tak pun, order jer from Santai kat Tesco D'sara tu. Senang ba... Kalau nak pos to U.Lee, aisey... ice cair pun x sure sampai!

I'm supposed to masak mee kari today. My friend Shana just gave me idiot guide to masak mee kari over the phone just now. Hahaha... Hopeless la i ni. Ni la kurang nya budak skolah asrama. Kalau jadi mee karinya, I'll post a pic of it in my next entry. If otherwise, I'll just snap gambar from Chef Wan's cook book. Hahaha...

BTW, you must read Shana's blog, esp the part abt his son has 4 girlfrens!! Hilarious giler.

Dad of Four said...

Salam Ibu!

IBU said...

Thanks for dropping by.

tokasid said...

Salam Ibu:

Template baru ni nampak cantik dan kemas. Cek suka.

IBU said...

Thank you cek, eh! Tok Asid!

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