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Monday, August 06, 2007

And they say Mother Is The Best Teacher...

This is Ameer.

He is 3, turning 4 this coming November. He's already in Kindy.
His ambition? To become a GHOBOT.
This was before he saw Transformers.
Now he wants to become BUMBLE BEE.
A ghobot still.....


Since I have a bit of spare time this week ( a bit?!!), I thought I'll go over one of Hafiz's Kumon entry level worksheet with Ameer.

The instruction on the worksheet was simple:
"Listen to the sentences and then say the words".

So Ibu had to read the sentences, for Ameer to listen and for Ameer to say the words after Ibu.

Ibu : It is a cow
Ameer : It is a cow

Ibu: It is a horse
Ameer: It is a horse

Ibu: Cow
Ameer: Cow

Ibu: Horse
Ameer: Horse

Ah! That was easy. Let's move on.

The instruction on the next page was even simpler :
"Let's say the words"

Hmmm.... That sounds easy. So easy that I thought I might as well stretch it a bit. Let's recite the alphabet too !

Ibu: Ameer repeat the alphabet after Ibu ok?
Ameer: Ok

Ibu: C-O-W
Ameer: C-O-W

Ibu: Bunyi dia?
Ameer: MOOOOOOOOO ......

Hahaha..... I didn't expect that at all. Who dare say he was wrong?

I guess I should've followed the instructions strictly instead of trying to leap frog the proven and tested Kumon method.

We managed a few more pages after that (following instructions very closely) and then I digressed again but this time it was Ameer's turn to stretch it a bit on me.

Ibu: S-O-A-P
Ameer: S-O-A-P

Ibu: Soap
Ameer: Soap!

Ameer: Ibu, kenapa soap dia takde bubble?
Ibu: Err.... Dia belum gosok dengan air
Ameer: Ohhhh .....

Ameer: Ibu, kenapa dia tak pakai soap yang dalam bottle?
Ibu: Err..... Dia tak sempat beli
Ameer: Ohhhh .....

Ameer: Kenapa dia tak sempat beli?
Ibu: Err... Sebab dia lambat, kedai dah tutup.
Ameer: Ohhh....

Ameer: Kenapa dia tak beli kat Tesco? Ibu, jom kita pegi Tesco!

Lerrr... ke situ pulak peginya!

Moving on to the next item on the page:

Ibu: I'll read the alphabet, Ameer follow ok?
Ameer: Ok

Ibu: T-O-W-E-L
Ameer: T-O-W-E-L

Ibu: Bunyi dia? ( oh ! I did it again ... )
Ameer: Towel tak de bunyi la ibu!?! (while looking at me quizicaly)

Hehehe. Who's teaching who?

The Kumon attempt continues......



hazyr said...


Your son is so ahead of you and kumon la..hehe..

and he's adorable too!

IBU said...


Ya lorrr... baru petang tadi I kena lagi. L-I-O-N bunyi dia? AUMMMMM !!!
cannot use 'bunyi' dah lah!

Adorable and still single :)

simah said...

hahahahahahaha it seems ibu has plenty of time in her hand...i also hope that means everything went well n u r recovering well (oit! orang risau tau sebab akak selowwwwww langsung tak balas sms lepas monday grrr :0) now looking at this blog.. my mind is at rest...minah ni ok la kot...

ur son is soooooo cuteeeee.. pandai n comel betul la akak! gerammm.. next year insyaAllah saya balik mesia boleh tak cubit cubit dia?

iskh... gamaknya anak anak akak.. kalu shopping mesti perkataan *tesco* terus keluar dari mulut yek? hehe

n thanks 4 the vivid story of ur experience in istanbul ...mawi dah lama i ngap... !! hot hot hot betul mawi ni yek *wink*.

oit! tak aci.. halil u tangkap gambar bagi nampak cuteeeeee..i tak cute ponnnnn :0)

kirim salam kat saba...speedy recovery to u :0) take care...

just got back last nite.. taks empat nak update blog lagi :0)

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Ibu,
That is so hillarious. Wifey and I could not stop laughing. Reminded us of our daughters when they were at those age.

tokasid said...

Salam ibu:

Kah3...I'm trying to hold my laugh takut Mrs TA terjaga pulak. Ameer is so funny esp the bunyi dia apa part. And the beli sabun, sampai ajak ke Tesco. Kids are really innocent.

I'm still giggling sorang-sorang.
Ameer..Ameer...kau buat pakcik tak boleh tidur ler...

Monster Mom said...

I've been having these "Kenapa" issues since my first born... and now that I have 3, the "Kenapa" era is still there and haunts me everywhere I go....

Dejavu la bila baca ur en3 nih!!!

Pi Bani said...

Next time suruh dia spell, I-B-U.
Then tanya, "Bunyi dia?"

Wonder how he'll answer that one!

WANSHANA said...

Salams Ibu...

Hahaha! I couldn't stop smiling after reading about your Kumon session with Ameer. He is SOOOOOO adorable, and VERY smart!

Bila terbaca the C-O-W part, I teringat Hilman's statement to me a few months back -

"Mommy, cows cannot think, right?"

And I said, "They cannot think like we do. But, they still can think like how cows should think, I guess."

And he said, "No lah...they cannot think at all. That's why they cross the railtracks and got langgar by the train..."

Then I realised - he was reading the newspaper which carried the news about a train which hit a cow and got derailed somewhere...

And I said to him, sometimes even some people cannot think, and that's why they, too, get hit by trains...

And he just looked at me, and said, "But, people are smarter than cows, right?"

And I just gave him a "no comment" smile... :)

IBU said...

salam simah...

dah balik cuti dah? sorry lah kita x perasan sms tu. perhaps my son dah baca dulu, so no "unread" messages lorr...

i'm oklah, alhamdulillah. still plenty of time in both hands (until end of the week). Pasai tu belayar di alam cyber ni. If not, senail.

bila nak balik msia, jgn lupa bagitau in advance, ok? rawang motel kena masuk itinerary. i'm sure my boys can't wait to see u. I mean, err... to see Hatice! hehehh...

eh! cute apa gambar u? Macam Siti Nurhaliza, turkey version :D

Significant few more stories in Istanbul to update - y'know, Saba's shoes & his harrowing experience. But don't wait up. Masuk tidur dulu, tahun depan pun tak sure update. Hahaha

Selamat kembali!

IBU said...

[ba]pak Mior,

Thanks for dropping by. Budak2 cam tu lah kan. Innocent jer... When we laugh at those innocent jokes, kena soal balik, 'what's so funny, ibu?' heheh ...

IBU said...

Salam Tok Asid

Tu lah the miracle of children kan? Unprescribed medicine - laughter & joy! Tapi kalau tok ketawa sorang2 larut malam, nanti Mrs TA pibawak berubat lain pulak. Oh oh!!!!

IBU said...

monster mom ...

tu lah pasal. with my 1st & 2nd, they would ask all those kenapa, bila dah habis questions bau kata "ohhhh". Ah! Lega.

Tapi Ameer ni, ingat after "ohhh' habis dah, tapi idak, sambung lagi soalan !!! hehehe

Thanks for dropping by MM. Must blog hop to yours soon.

IBU said...

Kak Pi...

Uh! Good idea. Yang tu belum try la. kalau 'bunyi' ibu bagus... boleh update kat blog. Kalau tak update tu, bunyi dia haru la. hahaha ...

IBU said...


Well, u've met him. memang adorable, make heads in rawang turn. the Dafi of Rawang. hahaha...

Must tell hilman, the cows crossed the railroad tu bukan because they want to get to the greener pasture faster! wah... dah baca newspaper Hilman eh? national news lagi. hmmm...

Btw, does hilman know susu tepung tu made of what?


elviza said...

Dear Ibu,

I smile alone in the office reading about your son and the kumon exercise.

Cant wait for my one year old to speak (or should I delay the wish on that score?)

IBU said...


Thanks for dropping by.

With your one year old, heheh... enjoy while you can, before baby starts speaking his/her mind.

ninuk said...

my kumon time is the other way round. the 4yold uqbah will point and the Mak has to say the word. then i got my prize "pandai Mak kite"