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Friday, July 10, 2009


Every feeling is a valid feeling. To the feeler of course.

And today, I am feeling:
1. Taken for granted
2. Not cared for
3. Easily dispensable by someone

All because how I was or rather still am being treated by someone.

This is my half of the picture. Whether this is what that someone intended to make me feel by the action (or rather lack of it) is a separate issue altogether.

This is what I feel. And I have every right to feel how I want to feel.

I am not much of a feeler I've said before. And so when I am feeling something and actually admitting the feeling, that someone can be rest assured I am really, really, really feeling it.

Oh well... don't blame it on my 7 months pregnancy raging hormones. My hormones and the bun in the oven are doing just fine. This I can be very sure because none of my work is negatively affected at all.

Have I made my feelings known to that someone?

You bet I have.

Did that help?

Not at all. In fact, it only helped confirm the feelings. DARN!!!!

If that someone ever care to read this blog, then by all means, please be reminded ; "jangan salahkan ibu mengandung" if I start to behave so unlike me hereafter.

I am extremely pissed off okay? Don't try to pacify me at this very minute.

Don't forget. Every feeling is a valid feeling - to the feeler of course.

So to that someone - just back off!! Just let me "savour" this very feeling.

Ohhhh... syioknya....... allowing myself to indulge in my own feelings.

Hmmm... puas hati dah lepas geram!

Ibu laaa...
Siapa lagi?


tireless mom said...

Dei macha....

Why dah 40 years old ni (Happy Birthday dear, belated) tiba tiba emo pulak? Apa dah jadi ni?

Lepaskan ajelah geram tu, hentak kaki hentak kepala jangan hentak oven tu cukup.

ps : feeler tu is perasan ek?

Naz said...

I have just the thing for you:

Cool, sista! ;)

Waterlily said...

Pegi spa and urut..nope, ada roti dalam oven. Err..pegi salon rambut terdekat..tell them, wash and wash and wash..picit picit kapla..then blow cecantik. Tak pe pakai tudung lepas tu, but kapla sudah lega...

Now go!

wanshana said...

Call me. Or later I'll call, okay?

Take it easy, girl...

i love jijol. said...

salam bu,

how're u? lama kita tidak berhubungan,

khaifah hal? saya belajar bahasa arab. come and learn the languange of heaven! hihi =)

salam rindu dari nilai yang tiada air! hahaha