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Friday, January 09, 2009


Yes, tax ... not tags just yet.

I thought I received a Datukship award via a letter recently. On the envelope it was printed "Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda". If Shah Rukh Khan can get it, why can't I?

It turned out to be a letter from the inland revenue board - the 'tax man', alleging that I owe them money, insufficient schedular tax deduction remitted for income from taksiran 2007.

Not 100. Not 200. Not 1,000. Not even 2,000. BUT close to 20,000 okay!!!! And yes, RM, not rupiah.

I stood frozen reading the penyata. Can't be right. Can't be. Cannot be.

I am very sure I do not have any other source of income other than the meagre monthly income from selling groceries, seafood & poultry at the kedai runcit where I work.

I don't do direct selling. Nor have I made any fortune from skim cepat kaya coz I have not joined any (yet).

I don't think my collection of handbags, shoes. scarves, lipsticks, makeups & Jeffrey Archer novels can be considered as revenue generating assets (just yet).

And I swear I do not have any siblings or relatives residing in Sicily doing laundry business.

And cats & kittens ( now totalling 14 altogether ) do not offer me any protection money whatsoever.

And yes.... all that was due as monthly schedular tax has been dutifully deducted from my monthly income & remitted. And as far as I can recall according to my taksiran for the year under question, the tax authorities were supposed to refund to me RM200. Not me owing them, oi.

RM20,000 !!! Mana nak cari? Even if I got it stashed somewhere (where? tell me if you know) or receive rezeki terpijak (kot2 la Shah Rukh Khan got winds that I mention his name here & hence wanted to reward me? ) - you think I should depart with that much money & surrender to IRB without any challenge & defense?

Hishhh... membazir tenaga & waktu tengok TV jer tau si IRB ni.

But somehow I can't blame them for eagerly wanting to do their job, can I? But they really should go after those rumah urut operators instead of me la.... shouldn't they? After all I just sell vegies, chicken, fish & maggie mee maaaa...... don't have any other additional income whatsoever pun. Haiyerr...

Never mind la. To memendekkan cerita rather than memendekkan nyawa, I will simply ask our Finance Dept to provide official verification that all monthly schedular tax has been remitted on timely basis. They said they have copies of receipts as proof or payment. Well & good. It should set the record straight that it is IRB records that needs correction. I hope.

Do you think, after that, they would refund me the RM200? Is that enough to buy me PGL ticket?



azizul kamaruzaman. said...

siannya ibu,
i wonder mcm time saya pula masa besar.
saya ni sudahlah hensem.

lucky i've learnt economy here and there.

*kayanya ibu, ada part time jadi anak angkat x? hehehe

Pp said...

uhuks, harus lah terkejutzz bila dapat surat cinta seprti itu!!

errr, close to RM20,000 in tax!!! jika di tolak, bagi campur dan kali...mungkin boleh di agak juga gaji Ibu....hehehe....

Akmal said...


wanshana said...

Nasib baik tak dapat Datukship (yet), Nanti your Blog ni kena tukar nama to "Cerita Datuk" pulak, geng...

I'm sure they must have been some miscalculation somewhere, or they must have lost some of the records of payments/deductions made. You'd better go there personally to check.

I ni pulak, the other way round - they gave me a cheque for more than RM2k a couple of months ago coz' according to them I overpaid my 2007 tax! Kalau macam ni, senyap ajerlah kan. Tak yah jadi budak baik gi check kat LHDN. Dah depa nak bagi balik, kita huloq tangan ajerlah, kan? Hehehe...

Hope everything will be sorted soon, dear.

P/S : I syok hari tu bila update our ASB. Ingatkan boleh gi shopping. Belum apa-apa, Tuan Doktor dah sound, bonus and dividen tu tak leh usik - kena reserve to pay his income tax for last year (he buat his returns every June since last year):(

Pi Bani said...

Nasib baik tak kena heart attack. Or maybe once this is sorted out, you can sue the IRB for negligently exposing you to a possible heart attack or high blood pressure at the very least?

Waterlily said...

Woh Ibu!

Memang patut ribut dibuatnyer! I had the same incident few years back, suruh bayar ribu ribu..tapi bila di check kat LHDN tu, they did not update their record, it could be the same case here. Hope it will be sorted out soon!

p/s Eh, bukan Ibu ada simpan ribu ribu dalam gulung tikar kat belakang pintu? And those stashed dalam kandang kucing bukan Ibu punya? heeehee..

Eta My said...

Ibu..better gi clarify of me zaman tok kaduk...Abr**..mane le nak carik receipt lagi...ended up depa suruh I bayar dulu...bukan sket-sket....and now...dah kena banned from going out fr m'sia pun...isk!!...aku pasrah E-boo...

tireless mom said...

Dear Ibu

Yang menjual vegie, fish and chicken and also maggie lah orang yang banyak duit tau. Tiap tiap hari orang pergi shopping at kedai runcit. Tak pernah kurang the people there. I pun termasuk lah sama.

Just go and clarify with IRB. They are helpful. If they overcharge you, make sure you sell bad chicken to them : )

ms hart said...

Alamak Ibu, tensi kejap ek? The same thing happened to my boss last year. Rupa2nya they all yang tersalah update! Phewwhhh... Dah confirm they all yang salah, make sure Ibu buat kenduri maggie mee for kengkawan, ok?:) RM200 refund should be more than sufficient. After all, you are the penjual maggie, kan? he he

Mummy Rizq said...

fuh! banyak tu gaji ibu.. hee.. he...

KC lah who else said...

hello, hang buat bisnes apa sampai kena rm20k tax ni ek? *chuckles*

Cherry said...

a simple visit to IRB office shd be able to settle the issue. don't forget to smile to them sebab depa pun pekerja jugak. ada silap salah jugak.

Belle's life~ said...

Kedai runcit ibu tu bukan kedai groceries biasa jek. Nama aje da seme orang kenal. 'kedai runcet ibu tu' kalau setakat kedai runcit mak leha memang lah pengsan mak leha.

Rm20k tu ibu noik punye projek kt Pej pelajaran JB repair pintu tandas sekolah. wawawa.

Ala... ibu ni buat-buat cerita lak nk terperanjat kena tax RM20k. tahun lps rm10k taun ni up sikit la. Tapi rasenya tersalah print la tu.

kenal tak - IBU NOIK