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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let the strumming begin ....

Text message exchanges with Abang Idin today :

3.46 pm (Idin)
Boleh beli gitar hero punya controller usb? Abg bayar

3.46 pm (Ibu)
Apa tu?

3.47 pm (Idin)
Gitar hero punya controller.

3.50 pm (Idin)
Usb compatible


I have no idea what he is asking for. He's willing to pay for it though, quite a twist!

He's been asking to resume his guitar lessons. Classical, he said. Can't recall what I registered him for before this.

Frankly, not sure if it's a genuine interest OR an excuse to escape "being sent away" to boarding school.

I think - regardless (genuinely interested vs escape from boarding school), I can still make arrangement for him to pursue the guitar lessons while still going (or being "sent away" as he puts it) to boarding school. If there is a will, there is a way.

Yes, I am a mean Ibu with a very strong will. You don't have a choice, do you Abang Idin? You can't choose your mother. HAHAHAHAHAH .......

p/s Some girls will surely fall weak on their knees with your strumming, Abang Idin. I mean, after you can strum bebetol la.... a song that people can decipher!


wanshana said...


This guitar hero thingy is a craze among teenagers nowadays. Don't worry - I pun didn't get it. Yang I tau, everytime I gi TESCO, Hanna would ask me to singgah kat the Games shop to get one of these guitar hero games... And you can actually get a special "console" in a shape of a guitar to play it (I think?).

And re Abg Idin's guitar lessons - why don't he and Hanna go to the same place? More reasons (or excuses) for us to have coffee together while waiting for them to finish...Hehehe!

tireless mom said...

Dear Ibu

I would I would (angkat tangan sekali ni).

Let it be. He has the passion to strum daripada tak buat apa apa. He can join my Ayna.

Beejay said...

What is it about guitar these days? My daughter, who's waiting for her SPM results, is also practising hard at home (using my gitar kapok lah, which i haven't touched in a long time.) She wanted to go for guitar lessons, but we said try first at home. Hope she'll be able to play well. At least someone can make good use of the guitar!

Btw, Ibu, write something in our new blog:

Waterlily said...

He has a penchant for music? Its his hobby and its good. Well, at least better than playing with PS2, Xbox main tembak tembak bunuh orang la..I think.

Get it Ibu, its ok I think. Lagi pun, dia nak bayar kan? kan?

bella said...

What...this is a game...oh ok...hahaha...I am sooo out of trend

simah said...

salam akak..apa khabar?

lama dah tka kesini..rindu!

abang idin masuk boarding school? alahai... si sibu dia tak rindu ka??

tak pa akak... now that bibi is not here....apa lagi..pergunakan talent akak..tunjukkan yg akak pun terrer masak (after u can find where is where la kan!!).. besides... fridge baru tu kan banyak space.... sometimes instant frozen food pun not so bad la kot...

take care! salam dari kami sekeluarga