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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadhan entry

I kind of miss blogging.... I miss staring into a blank 'new post' screen, cracking my head thinking how do I put that funny incident into words, that weird experience into a worthy blog entry or all those mind talks and post events reflections into blog posts that people would enjoy reading. I guess I got a bit derailed (sometimes) from my original intention of having this blog - leaving behind some notes for my children to read 'later'. So it shouldn't matter if my blog entries are not worth any glance by others. or impress any one at all. I should write from the heart for my children, just like how I intended it to be originally. Oh well.... kira macam JK Rowling la.. or yg tulis buku Narnia tu.... so the "fortune" is an accidental spill over benefit. Konon... hahaha... me in my 'I want to go to disneyland' mode again....

I kind of miss blogging. I miss reading blog updates from my favourite fellow bloggers. Near & afar. Most of whom I don't know personally. But some of whom have become further extensions to the list of wonderful people that I call blogosfrens (yeah...newly created. Sapa buleh tolong masukkan dalam wikipedia?) I miss following their stories. I miss their stories! Period. Because some seem to have not updated anymore. Some of them have drifted away from blogging too .... tooooot facebook. Kan? heheh... My personal distorted view. While I can't read blog updates by some because these some have sort of limited the access to their blogs to authorised readers @ members only, and obviously I am not one of them :(

Yeah... I kind of miss blogging.

But this is not the month to resuscitate blogging.

It cannot be.

Right? I think so.

For a very good reason.

Oh well.. Maybe I could do a bit of blogging if time permits in this holy month of ramadhan. Who created this concept of "if time permits" in the first place? If you want to do something, shouldn't you make time for it? Exactly my point. I kind of miss blogging. I am thinking that may be I should make some time for it. But I am reminding myself as I am typing this, that blogging should not be the first priority that I make time for in this holy month of Ramadhan.

And back to my original intention of starting this blog - catatan untuk anak-anak ibu yang tersayang - if I do blog during Ramadhan, I would need to remind myself that my blog entries should then be all things associated with the memories and reflections or anticipations or hopes of this year's Ramadhan. So then when I look back in the future, or when (if?) the kids do read them in the future, we shall be reminded of us, of our family, and how we spend our times with or without each other in Ramadhan kareem this year.


Meanwhile, salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all fellow muslims who happen to manage to divert their attention from facebook for a short while and take a peek here instead. May you find peace and harmony with yourself, your loved ones and the Almighty, the ONLY ONE, in this holy month.

To my children,

Abang Idin... if only you could spend equal time bertaddarus compared to the time you spend you tubing, my spacing, facebooking.... alangkah bagus? Sejuk sikit hati ibu. Sejuk sikit CPU ni hah...

Hafiz... Puasa kerana apa? Bukan hanya kerana nak dapat pahala. Or kerana ibu. Or kerana nak dapat duit raya extra. Hokay?

Ameer... "Puasa sambung2" pun sambung2 lah ... this year tak pe. Next year, lain cerita.

Alisya... What can I say my lil princess? If only you know why I can't hold you too much longer after iftar & maghrib prayer this month, my dear. I'm sure you would know & understand later. Meanwhile, be good and sleep tight ok?

To Ayah, my hubby... let's pray that we would have the strength to continue this journey that we started 4 nights ago. A journey which path is crystal clear only during this holy month of Ramadhan. If time permits, I mean, we shall try to find some bit of time ... to further improve the rempeyek attempt and hope the rempeyeks will not be that "well done" (photos later peeps) next time around. ROTFL walau dalam keseriusan!!!



Pp said... let u know, i do take regular glance at ur blog, whenever it is updated, which is not often enough, unfortunately!
selamat berpuasa.

Pi Bani said...

Laaa... you miss blogging rupanya. I ingatkan you memang suka biar blog you bersawang... ;-)

Ramadhan Mubarak!

IBU said...

Salam Pp

Thanks for dropping by. Hope all is well with you & family.

p/s mmg hobby nya terlupa nak update blog. hehehe...

Salam Kak Pi

Memang I suka pun... LOL!!!

Selamat berpuasa (bila boleh puasa) ya Kak Pi...

Kirim salam to your mom please? And to your bro yg my ex-boss too. heheh..

rad said...

Salam Ramadhan al Kareem to Ibu & family,
Funny you - the second last sentence hahahahaha. Will we ever get to taste & hold that precious rempeyek?? Hehehe

arsaili said...

salam ibu..i miss blogging n bloghopping too...always busy till end of d year hopefully...salam ramadan dan selamat berpuasa buat ibu seisi keluarga

Mummy Rizq said...

and i miss reading your blog...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ibu, hey..I missed you. You went MIA da lama.
Really nice you surface again, macham submarine, ha ha.

Will certainly be looking forward to your eloquent postings.

You're right about some bloggers having faded away....also I guess most gone into FB.
I do not have an FB or tu Tweet Tweet, or whatever....
Then there's a lot of silent readers who sneak or tip toe in and chabut with no fingerprints behind, ha ha.

Oh well, to each his or her own.
Until then you and family have a pleasant bulan puasa, stay young and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

ms hart said...

Ibu oh Ibu...kita mula2 lagi dah hantar invitation to your email....but you did not accept maaa... but then again my blog also is fast following your blog trend...bersawang! LOL!

Selamat menjalani ibadah berpuasa...hey, me kinda miss reading about your cutie Ameer!

IBU said...

Salam Rad,

x tipu!! Ayah dah pandai buat rempeyek. Was pushing trolley along the aisle (doing grocery) at TESCO (mana lagi...) when noticed him busy googling on his phone. Rupanya dok cari resipi rempeyek - on line real time.

Cuma... tu lah.. rempeyek terlebih sun tan! Gelap semacam. HAHAHA!!!

Selamat berpuasa you....

IBU said...

Salam Arsaili....

Thanks for dropping by. Busy sampai end of the year? Amboi.... Ngalah menteri you ni. How lar?!! X per, nanti kita jenguk2 your blog jugak eh?

IBU said...

Mummy RIZQ!!!!! I miss you.... huhuhu..... dah pindah ke? Bila nak singgah rumah ni?

IBU said...

Hi U.Lee,

My dad was in the marine (Now retired la...), So I jadi submarine jer. LOL!!!

Thanks for your kind wish. I do love bulan puasa. Good for the body, the mind and the soul. But fasting month haaa... so many songs in my head la (not heart). All lagu raya... hehehe

IBU said...

Salam Ms Hart,

Iya kah sungguh bagai di kata? Email yg mana satu ni ek? Kot2 yg dah lupa password tu kot? hehehe...

Thanks for inviting me. Hope to be blogrolling to your space soon.


Superwomanwannabe said...

yayayyay! you are back on!

hmm apa project tu ibu yang start 4 nights ago??? (BZBODY)

IBU said...


Solat tarawih daaa..... hingat hapa?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ibu, just dropped by to wish you a happy hari merdeka.
Best wishes, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Puasa nak duit raya extra? LOL. Oh dear me! now why didn't I think of that. Good one!