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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good school, good results... so what?

When we decided that it would be good to send Abg Idin to a boarding school, we also decided that ... the closer the better. It was like, yeah...let's put him into asrama BUT let's choose the nearest school so that it would be easy for us to visit him during the weekends. Hehehe...

We found out about SBPI Rawang.... 15 - 20 mins away from home. Waahhhhh.... very close indeed.

I had no clue (asyik clue-less jer Ibu ni?) what "Integrasi" meant then and thought little of it. Did not do any research or enquiry on the school academic records, the teachers' capability, the standards of the hostel, etc, etc .... So long the school is near to home, fine by me.

Yes - near to home was the key deciding factor.

A bit embarrasing at times when some friends or other parents asked why we chose that school, why not the premier schools, etc, etc, and I had to sheepishly answer, "Err... sebab tersangatlah dekat dengan rumah? So tak lah Ibu rindu sangat dgn anak sulung dia?". And my friends would tease me, woi... nak hantar masuk asrama ke tak nak ni?

Oh well... dua-dua nak la laa....

So throughout the 1st year Abang Idin in SBPI Rawang, we had to endure such questions as "ohhh...sekolah baru ke?", "sekolah agama ke tu?" , "is it full boarding school ?", etc, etc ....

By the way, SBPI Rawang is in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. And approaching the school, there is this road sign depicting "lembu crossing". Get the drift?

This year, SBPI Rawang is listed as one of the top 10 (government) schools based on PMR results and also the latest SPM results - alongside other bigger names.

Abang Idin is happy. Proud for his school. Nervous at the same time. Thinking... alamak... he is the future generation to maintain similar if not better results (good wake up call for him la kan?).

Ibu? I should be happy right? That the school which was never known to many before, is now listed as amongst the better ones?

Maybe I should be happy. Of course I am.

But heh...actually more nervous than happy.

So the school is proven that it can be 'good' - based on academic achievements.

But would it nurture Abg Idin to be better than just achieving good results?

Would it help Abg Idin develop a well rounded personality?

Would it prepare Abg Idin to be self sufficient and independent - from otherwise the familiar style of microscopic monitoring and/or constant nagging by teachers/parents/seniors to do what he's supposed to do (homework, revision, riadah, solat, mengaji, ibadah, etc, etc)?

Would it instill in Abg Idin the necessary ingredients to help him ultimately develop into a good faithful muslim?

Maybe I am thinking too much and that I should let it be and see how he develops?

Entah lah eh....

But nahhh.... I think it's good to bear these questions in mind. So that I can remind myself - things won't just happen. We have to make it happens.

The school is just the infrastructure - roof, pillars, classrooms & dorms. The students, with their hearts & minds, are the intellectual capital. Everything else is in between - to help achieve what every parent's heartfelt desire and wish for their children.

Usaha, doa ... then baru tawakkal.

Kan? Kan? Kan?

Just my mind talking...... ignore me.....


Naz said...

Ignore?'ve got some very good points here.
Insyaallah, with a mom like you, he'll be fine :)

zaitgha said...

Ibu, i know this school...wanted my son to go there but he refused to stay in the hostel.....the school supposed to have non-malays kan??

Pp said...

:-) yes, Ibu that I got to now through reading her blog does come across as someone with an independent it surprise me not that you are capable of making such decision~! And it is proving to be one right decision too...

errr, bukan kah selalu depa letak gambar "children crossing"....errrr....kenapa pulak depa anggap children tu macam lembu ka? errmmm...harus minta di tukar tuh~! errr...or did I get the drift all wrong...

D said...

Ignore you? HaHaHa! No way!

I think you got it right there. Well done to Ibu and Abang Iddin - InsyaAllah, with proper guidance and good opportunity (rezqi), Abang Iddin will excel in life. :)

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Salam Ibu,

As a mother of a daughter that goes to Sekolah Integrasi, I am actually interested to know more about the school. If you dont mind, can you e-mail me at ?

I just would like to know about the school from a third party point of view.


tireless mom said...

You are doing an excellent job, same with Abg Idin. Insha Allah next 4 years, Abg Idin nya nama and pic keluar paper, peluk ibu dia yg bangga.

madam gold said...

I am new here but tergerak hati nak comment.
I have two children staying at boarding schools and one more going next week.And Ive never ever regreted sending them so far .In fact I found that these schools have succeeded not only in academic achievemnet but in instilling good values in their students, hence creating all rounder individuals.
My daughter can now hafal the yassin and surah Al mulk which I think she could not have done it if she stays at home.My son now can be the imam,awarded all rounder student.Bukan nak boast tapi those are some of the things they got there which I am sure a working mother like me tak sempat nak train.
Most important thing we encourage our kids to try out everything offered there and show their best potentials.
No no the schools are not just structures but there are priceless gems hidden in it .So it is up to the students to discover and make full use of it...

wanshana said...

Well done to SBPI Rawang!!!

Don't worry about Abang Iddin, Ibu. With the right environment at school AND at home and with your guidance, he'll be more than fine, insya Allah.

Let's make do'a that our children will live up to their own expectations, the schools' and to ours, too, insya Allah.

* Hanna pun tengah freakin' out, worried about how she would fare in her PMR and SPM coz' her seniors were #2 and #3 top SPM scorers for 2009.

KC said...

warghahah, all this while ingat yr son duk kat asrama jauh dari rumah rupa2nyer dokek jer...

anyway good for abg iddin and his mom!

mumsie said...

I cannot ignore you coz I agree with you! :-)