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Friday, February 05, 2010

Mind talk

CAUTION: TIADA KAITAN DGN SESIAPA. CONTENT DITOKOK TAMBAH SELAGI BOLEH... hehehe.... garam gula ajinomoto secukup rasa. Just for reflections....

Counseling / listening session :

Ma'am - why is it that when I do right -he never remembers? ? Never recognises and never says thank you? Never ever! But when I do wrong...... he immediately spots it and highlights there and then. He never ever forgets to blame me right away? Why?

I don't know really... do you want to tell me more? Who is this person by the way? Your line manager? And what is this all about actually? Is this about work?

No Ma'am.... It's my husband. The transport lady could not pick up our son from school today. She called me this morning. So I am supposed to arrange for alternative. But I completely forgot. I was so busy today and had meetings back to back that I totally missed to call my husband to ask him to pick our son from school. He called just now, scolding me like mad because our son had to take a lift from someone and just reached home. Quite late la Ma'am. I know it's my mistake. I'm so scared when I realised I forgot about it. Safety wise! But it was not intentional at all. Which mother doesn't care for her children's safety?

But I was so caught up today that I completely forgot to arrange for the alternative transport. But my husband Ma'am, he kept scolding me .... as if I purposely want to let our son wait there till the sun came down. I already said sorry I tak sengaja but he kept lecturing me. I cannot tahan Ma'am. All these while, I have been the one running like headless chicken making arrangement for school transport for our children. I'm the one worrying, oh my god... what ifs, what ifs, what ifs....

He ... my husband, what did he do? Nothing much Ma'am. He didn'tcare to lift a finger at all before this. No attempts to help me find school bus service, no initiative to ask anyone from the surau for car pooling if possible. No nothing.

Recently Ma'am, there was this one other parent who was concerned about my other son who sometimes cried while waiting for the transport to arrive and so he offered to send him home because his son is also in the same class and so he thought, takpe lah, he can send him home because he so tak sampai hati to see our son crying. I told my husband at least call la to say thank you and pay for his fuel... that also he took some time, only called him the next day ... and that was after I sent him reminder through sms and resent him the other parent's handphone number. I mean, common la Ma'am. I cannot be the one to keep communicating with this man - what would his wife think?!!! At least, man to man, say thank you la. After all, he has helped what? Be thankful la....... But my husband like .... aiya..... like never mind la...later laa... tomorrow la.... Again I have to be the one with thick face, saying all the thank yous and sorry la for causing him inconvenience (because our house is out of his way actually...). He did eventually contact the man la, but purposely wait till next day only. As if want to show so macho like that.... how can....

To top all this, even when I've been the one making all this arrangement... would he at least offer to pay for the transport? No Ma'am. I'm still the one paying for it. How la Ma'am?

And then today.... just one thing I forgot to do .... he..... happily taruh me... as if I am a totally useless mother..... like I am so stupid because I didn't call him straight away to arrange for transport.

The thing is Ma'am, sometimes, even if I called also.... either he would be in a meeting or discussion and said he will call me back and then he never call back - and if I called again, he didn't answer my call, so I still ended up having to crack my head to make alternative transport arrangement.

But today I really tak sengaja you know Ma'am.... I know it's my mistake. But I was so busy today that it completely slipped my mind. My husband Ma'am, he so heartless one.... he made me feel so guilty.... But all these while...... who was the one doing all the run arounds? Did he ever care? Did he ever help? Never.... Today, one mistake.... he never forget to immediately make me feel lousy like this.

Not fair la Ma'am.... How can..... He's working. I'm also working. I have to worry both about work and about home. He? He can afford to just worry about work... most of the time just worry about work only. The worry about home all he lumped to me. How can like that Ma'am. I mean, if he wants to do it that way.... at least if I made one mistake like this, don't la put all the blame on me.....

Now I feel as if all the things I've done for my family is taken for granted. No recognition. Never a thank you. Some more still have to pay for some bit. Aiyo.... How can Ma'am. How can.......

I see.... so what do you plan to do? Is there any specific help you need?

No la Ma'am...... sorry to bother you.... I ... I just... I just want to let off my steam Ma'am. It's been bottling in me. I cannot stand. I know if I still keep inside, I can go insane Ma'am. I shouldn't really bother you with this. Because I know I have to sort it out myself. But just sharing with you help release the tension, Ma'am. Sorry to kacau you but thank you at the same time for listening to me. Just voicing this out and having someone to care to listen already helps..... eh.... thank you la Ma'am. Thank you so much for listening to me. I'm so sorry to bother you. I know you are busy, thank you so much for accommodating me.

Oh... No worries. It's the least that I can do. Are you sure you don't need any help?

Yes, yes Ma'am. So sorry to bother you. Okaylah Ma'am. I'd better not hold you up much longer. Thank you again, Ma'am. Thank you.

No problem. No problem. You take care ya?

Yes, yes, Ma'am. I will try. Thank you very much.


I reflected for a while and my mind started talking ..... petty issue it may seemed .... but was that early signal of cracks in marriage? Work life balance? Gender equality?

Yes? No? I don't know?


All in a day's work.

The kind of work whereby 2 + 2 does not necessarily equal 4.

And where returns on investment of time spent at work cannot be easily quantified like some other colleagues on the board.



Pi Bani said...

Hantar that lady gi kerja outstation seminggu... ;)

Anonymous said...

Exectly, I had the same problem until I was posted to another state for a few months and could only come back during weekends.
Now the hubby has to arrange for transport and take care of meals.
He is so much nicer and understanding now, now that he knows what its like to run around like a mad person juggling a lot of things.

Pp said...

the dialogue shows me...that you are a very good counsellor / listener~!

the company is lucky to have a professional ike u on board~!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I can identify with this I'm really looking forward to go outstation for 1 week next month!


SOHO Mama said...

Sometimes I feel like bogged down with work+home too..while the hubby comes home late, sometimes overseas/outstation while me stuck with kids..tapi pikir2, hubby allows me to work-from-home i.e do what I like, gives me perks and takleh la banyak komplen. Eventho kekdg tu memang rasa nak komplen sesgt..! Aihh the things we women go thru..

ardy said...

And here I am still working (very hard, I must add) on having my first kid! ;)