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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

School Closure

Just got a phone call from Abang Idin; his school has to be closed with immediate effect and all students must be picked up before 12 midnight.

Seems that 60 (or was it 80?) students were 'suspected' to have symptoms of Influenza A H1N1. Ramai tu.....

And for a boarding school - with students studying & living in close proximity with each other - I suppose, we'd be safe than sorry.

But to pick up the kids before 12 midnight tonite? Lucky thing we are just 15-20 mins drive away. Kesian la pulak kat sapa2 yg jauh-jauh tu. Tried to call my friend, Eyerin - just in case she needs me to pick up his son too for tonite - couldn't get thru la pulak. Must try again shortly.

I'm at home actually - kan I'm in the "high risk" category? So Ayah has advised me to just stay at home.

So for the next 1 week - all three musketeers would be at home. Dah pesan kat Bibi - need to manage their hygiene routines in "bazooka" style. No mercy!

Semuga kita semua dijauhkan lah dari penyakit2 yg sedang menular ni..... Amin.

Take care everyone.


Naz said...

I hope everything's fine. Take good care of yourself :)

Pp said...

Is it that bad now in Malaysia?
I better alert LiL and my children - mereka di KL bercuti2.

wanshana said...

Hope it's just a precautionary measure and that none of the 80 students are H1N1 +ve.

But, better keep everyone indoor, dear.

And you, take care! Up whatever multivits and Vit C intakes for the next couple of weeks. The haze is not helping at all :(

Mummy Rizq said...

take care ibu!

Chahya said...

Don't forget the mask!
Take care K.Ija.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Ibu,

How come you in 'high risk' category leh? Hope all's well and everyone's healthy and kicking. =)

Keisya said...

Iya bu jangan sampai tertular penyakit seperti itu jadi ngeri ...amiin