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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pet safari - not yet ....

Ameer has been nagging me for a new pet since the past one week.

We've already got 3 cats; a mommy, 'Blackie' and her two not so little kittens, 'Tompok' and 'Burnt' (you can imagine what colors their furs are). They are not that 'manja', can't cuddle them too long. But Mommy Blackie is good at catching rats (from the main road gutter I hope!) . And the 2 not so little kittens are good at playing with the their mommy's catch.

We also have some fish - of all colors - but which remain nameless. They don't do much at all, just swim all day long. If they were humans, they would have broad muscular shoulders by now. But they are fish. Their fins stay just the same so far.

Of late, we discovered we also have some toads. Or are they frogs? I suppose they are the grown up tadpoles which must have survived in the water cabbage petals that we transferred from the old house pond. And these toads (or frogs?) I tell you.... we've never seen them, but heard enough of them. They are very good at serenading us at night. Each time when they start the orchestra - which unfortunately usually happens when we are just about ready to fly into dreamland, we would be forced to lie helplessly staring at the ceiling feeling like being strapped to our seats in philharmonic auditorium and tortured to listen to some tone deaf idols wannabes trying very hard perfecting their falsettos. Yeah.... we are not quite the "cultured" type. Sorry. With the haze in the air, hopefully the rain will respond to their calling soon.

Occasionally, we spotted one or two lizards sneaking and scurrying from behind the cabinets. Not many (yet) dare to stride into sight though. Maybe they suspect one of my boys could be Professor Klon's alliance? Hide away is a better alternative.

So you see..... we don't need a new pet - I think.

But my view is not shared by Ameer. He insists (still) on a new pet.

And Ameer being Ameer, he would stop at nothing until he gets his demands. From asking politely, to sulking, to begging, to crying and ...... threatening.


"What kind of pet do you want?"

"Ameer nak ghabbit la Ibu!!


"Ha... boleh la, Ibu? Ghabbit kan cute?"

"Yes... of course it's cute. But who's going to jaga the rabbit?"

"Ameer la. I will feed them and give them water everyday, I promise!"

"THEMMMM???? You said rabbit, NOT rabbitS! So why "THEM"?

"Alah... tak pe lah... nanti ghabbit tak de kawan, kesian...."

"Tapi susah lah nak jaga rabbit, Ameer. Who's going to clean them and their cage and all?"

"AMEER! AMEER! Ameer can do that!"

( Yeah right..... istinja' pun with adult's assistance).

"Hmm.... I don't know la Ameer, I am not sure. I think you have to ask Ayah."

"But I am very sure. I want GHABBIT!!"

"So you just have to wait & ask Ayah, ok?"

"Bila Ayah balik? Lagi berapa kali tidur?"

(This was yesterday, Ayah had not returned from Umrah yet. So at least one more pet-tactic day to defer dealing with Ameer and his pet demand).


We went to KL Sentral this morning to fetch Ayah. I asked the boys what would be the first thing they would do or say to Ayah upon his arrival.

Hafiz wanted to salam, kiss Ayah and touch Ayah's botak head.

Ameer wanted to salam & kiss Ayah too. AND YES!! OF COURSE!!! Ameer wanted to ask Ayah if he could have a ghabbit as a new pet.

He had not forgotten, why was I kidding myself?

"Kalau Ayah tak bagi, Ameer nak buat apa?"

"Ameer panggil dinosaur, suruh dinosaur destroy ghumah kita!"

Fuiyoooooo ........

"Kalau rumah kita dah destroy, kita nak tinggal kat mana?"

"Kita beli la cage macam ghabbit's house tu!"

Hahaha.... But hey.... it's not a laughing matter to Ameer okay? He sulked all the way to KL Sentral thereafter.


"AYAH!! Can I have ghabbit, please, please, please Ayah!! "

No need to guess who was pleading and showing all good manners to Ayah.

"Rabbit? Why... we already have three cats?"

"Yahhhhh... Blackie tu nanti scratch Ameer. I want a new pet la Ayah. Ameer nak ghabbit, please?"

"Susah lah nak jaga rabbit, Ameer. Nanti kalau Ameer tak jaga betul2, nanti rabbit tu sakit, lepas tu mati.... kesian dia. Kalau Ameer nak new pet, ikan boleh."

"Alah.... Ikan pun boleh mati jugak!"

Hmm.. apa nak jawab?

"Tapi ikan senang nak ganti. Ameer pun boleh choose banyak-banyak color! Ameer nak ikan apa pun boleh", Ayah trying to spin off some tricks.

That left Ameer quiet for a while. Gone into his thinking mode.

"Betul? Ayah tak tipu?"

"Betul...... Kita beli ikan jer ok?", pujuk Ayah lagi.

"OKAY LAH!!!" ( sulking mode setting in again).


"Ameer nak ikan apa?"

"Ikan yang panjang, yang mulut dia tajam"

"Uishh... ikan apa tuh? Electric Eel ker?"




Dia jawab selamba jer.

Alamak..... Mana nak cari dolphin? Hah!!! Jawab......

Ameer.... Oh Ameer.....


zaitgha said...


my almost 10 year old boy has lost most of his baby talk words but once in awhile he slips he he...when asking for his drinking, putterware baby mana? ha ha ha...but still call himself baby ....

and asking to get a pet for him

MA & Brood said...

Hahaha...tak tahu...mana nak kerobek dolphin tu?

Ada kat aquaria tak? Kalau ada - cakap la kat Ameer, kena simpan kat sana dulu sebab tak muat dlm tank kat rumah.

Ayah said...

ibu : bagus Ayah dia dapat deflect Ameer's request for Ghabbit. Tapi if Ameer is like my naim or faim, kejap dia teringat balik, akan merengek lagi... aiyooo....

To Ayah... I want to hear umrah story. please!

kc said...

hehehe...auntie syuke shhpek hitam dia laa..nak pinjam bleh?

Waterlily said...

Rule no 1 : Never promise the moon and the stars
Rule no 2 : Never offer open ended "apa apa pun buleh.."
Rule no 3 : Kena belajar counter "...patung dolphin buleh..?"

Ibu..selamat maju jaya dalam ekspedisi untuk mendapatkan seekor (or is he expecting more than one ? since he mentioned rabbitsssss) dolphin. Kalau dah dapat nanti, let us know - mana tau anak I pun nak sekor!


Akmal said...

Ahh sudah. Haha :P
But your son is OK lah. He loves animal that much. I mean, you have a lot in your house, and he wants more ;)
Saya dulu pun nak kucing, but my mom gave me a big NO for my asthma.

IBU said...


10 yr old baby lagi eh? Alah musyukkkk....

So r u going to get him one?

IBU said...

MA !!!!

Tenkiu, brilliant!!

p/s I hope he won't ask for Aquaria to give him some commission from the ticket sales. Gulp!!!

IBU said...


Hmmm...memang pun. Last night dia dah pesan, nanti ibu dapat gaji belikan ghabbit okay?!

Kawan u kata, "uh? eh! eheheh! ehehehehehh......"
duhhh... so typical of him kan?

IBU said...

Aunty KC,

Ti bukan shhpek Ameer - tu kedai punya, Ameer melagham jap. hehehehe...

IBU said...

Waterlily aka Mommy Diva,

Rule No 1: So far, only moon cake & starwars sticker book
Rule No 2: Ayah forgot some mammals are also "ikan". hahaha....rasakan!!
Rule No 3: errr... dia dah blajar living vs non living things lorrr.. (come to think of it, kalau ada clone mini dolphin yg buleh jadi pet, syiok jugak eh?)

IBU said...

My dear akmal :)

My boys ni memang ada "wild" imagination. Masa Abang Idin dulu, he wanted commodore dragon....from madagascar. And he was only 5 years old then. When I was 5, I only asked for ... err...kucing... from rumah sebelah.

p/s Asthma? Ohhh... itu mcm ante kena bela unta lahhh... :)

p/s R u still asthmatic?

mad redo1 said...

the AKSes used to have fishes as pets and named them daddy, ibu, #1 and #2.

Needless to say all of them died... which brought up the question, are we going to die?

Luckily the daddy is quite good in explaining things to the AKSes... hehehe...

Good luck in getting Ameer his dolphin(s)...

Mummy Rizq said...

waa.. ayah dah balik! harap semua a OK! talking abt cats teringat bom bom jangka yg ada kat your garden tu ibu... but i luv your garden so much!

MrsNordin said...

Go and get the ghabbit for him lah. If you have a big garden, it'll be nice to have 2 of them running around (but must be careful of the cats too).

If you think ghabbit susah sangat nak bela (which actually is quite leceh), just get him a hamster. Easier. He can out it in his room.

Kak Teh said...

we started with one cat - then we ended up with 17 mostly kittens! aduh and it was at the height of summer and the house was beggining to smell. Husabdn wouldn't let go of any kittens - but I had to make a decision - my neighbour took charge and kept them in her house until the RSPCA came - i couldnt bear to see them go. Now ada lime saja.

Pets take over our lives. Nak cuti pun tak boleh unless ada orang nak catsit.

cikliah said...

Salam Ibu,

Rabbit is OK actually. Poop dia tak busuk sebab kering. Just that air kencing dia jek yang problemo. ;)

azizul kamaruzaman. said...

bu, i masuk competition,
hehehe, wish me luck,
i menang, i belanja you makan.
hihii =)))

rate my poem under gelanggang pemuisi muda yeah! =))))


en_me said...

cute boy..

wanshana said...


Selamat Maju Jaya di dalam usaha anda untuk mencari ikan lumba-lumba for Ameer...

My kids just started about a month ago with 10 little fishies in a small glass tank. From 10, tinggal 4, and then 0 when the maid didn't put the anti-chlorine thingy into the water after cleaning the tank.

Bought another 8 last week, now tinggal 4...because they got car-sick when we had to bring them to my MIL's place last Sunday (I was going away for a few days for a conference, and Ayah didn't want to stay at our house with kids and Bibik alone, so had to bring all residents, including fishies to PJ...)

The only good thing about this is - Hilman can practise his Maths with questions like, "Hilman bought 10 fishies, 3 died. How many fishies does Hilman have now? He then bought another 8, and 4 died, etc..." And Hanna would come up with an answer - "It doesn't matter coz' at the end of the week ALL will die..."


Eta My said...

Ibu...comelnya Ameer dgn spek tu....and pandai also with merajuk mode..buat cair hati ayahbonda...

Anakandaku juga merengek mintak pets...tetapi tidak dilayan kerana..sesungguhnya..patik disini tau...kerja2 pembersihan dan segalanya pasti akan dipikul oleh patik juga....tak kuasa menambah kerja..

Gd luck Ibu....!!!

aiz said...

ibu, so? what is the ending to the story? hahahahahaha!!!!

ADIEJIN said...

Beli jer lah rabbit tuh...( adiejin in grumpy mood )

IBU said...

Mat Redo1,

The million dollar question, "R we going to die?". So how did u answer that one?

Mummy Rizq,

Hahaha... x sangka u still remember the bom-bom jangka tu! Now dah berdisiplin sket lah my cats tu, business done mainly in the litter box only. Thank God!

Eh.. the garden tuh, jemput lah ke sini... boleh kita tanam pokok bunga sama2 ....hehehe...

IBU said...

Kak Teh,

17 cats!! Mcm my mom's house nih.... Cat food is a significant portion of the weekly groceries budget. Belum campur vaccination & ubat mata, ubat demam segala....

And yes, they can indeed takeover our lives. I remember i used to bring my cats (the former generation) back & forth Rawang-JB each time balik kampung!

IBU said...

Salam Cik Liah,

Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the encouragement & tips too.

For the time being, our house is still rabbit-less .... and belum ada dinosour datang desteghoy kan ghumah lagi. hehehh...


Thank you. Ke mana lah tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke mangkuk kuah. hehehe....

IBU said...


Hey... naik kereta baru pun boleh car sick ke? Apa lah punya ikan?!

And Hanna.... hahahaha.... dark theory, girl!

p/s Has Hilman come up with fish-mobile car design yet?

IBU said...


All d best!!! Msian own Khalid Hosseini in the making....

Di mana itu site pemuisi muda?

IBU said...


Memang sungguh bagai dikata,
"Tak kuasa nak menambah kerja ....."

Hi 5!


With 3 boys, there is no ending to such demands lerrrr...... Lepas dolphin, the demands would surely 'metamorphise' into something else. Watch this space for next change!


Old man memang grumpy! ehehe....

IBU said...

Mrs Nordin,

What? Stuart Little? Ohohohooooo.... Heavenly for my 3 cats tu lahhhhh! x sempat jadi pet pun.

Adzrul Ariff said...

Nasib baik dapat convince Ameer tak beli ghabbit...ghabbit senang biak. Tau2 je dah beranak pinak. Tapi dolphin...susah jugak tu. saya dulu 3 kucing pun dah rasa banyak dah. satu kucing time kat russia dulu pun jadi kucar-kacir gak timetable kitten tu nak jaga time lewat malam je. Haha.

Good luck utk Ibu sekeluarga utk cari new pet buat Ameer.